Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monogrammed Jewelry: Gifting Gold

With Christmas 13 days away (where did the time go!), by now, you have probably read many blogger Christmas wishlists. A common thread that I have noticed is that a lot of bloggers (and even some of my friends IRL) are asking for the popular monogrammed necklace. I'm not going to lie, I have even been dropping hints left and right to bEw about a certain monogrammed necklace that I would just love to own. So hopefully, when Christmas rolls around, I, like many others, will be sporting my new monogrammed necklace (yeah this sentence has a ton of comments...it's been a longggg few days of studying!).

However, one problem I have with the monogrammed necklace is that it has become a "trend". If you look around and do some shopping for one of these pretty necklaces, a lot of websites are claiming that they have been spotted on celebrities and they are the newest, hottest thing, etc. Of course they are trying to make a sale by offering this information but I personally just find it unnecessary.

Monogrammed necklaces have been spotted on many celebrities and gained much popularity in the past year or two. Does anyone remember Real Housewives of Orange County's Alexis getting a very bling-ed out version in late 2009/early 2010?
I would never consider this type of necklace trendy or fashionable (although Alexis' version is just downright gaudy). I have always wanted one of these pretties since I can remember because both my grammie and mother have one and have had them much longer than I have even been alive. It is a very classic/timeless piece of jewelry that is meant to last forever (very similar to a signet ring and is the perfect gift for any woman at any age with any style. 

So, if you are gifting one of these monogrammed pieces, asking for one from the man in the red suit, or rewarding yourself, here are some tips to follow if you would like a monogram necklace that is classic and timeless and not just because it is trendy.
  •  If you have a trusted family jeweler, that is your best bet. This will ensure it is made with care and you will be very familiar with the quality. Another plus is that he/she will give you any and all options. This is where my mother and grammie both had theirs made... It does help a little that my grandfather was in the jewelry business so he had a lot of great connections and knowledge.
  • Choose your metal wisely. Sterling silver, for the most part, is a lot less pricey compared to gold because the price of gold right now is so high. Sterling silver is not made up of all silver because it would be far too soft to create jewelry out of (it's actually 92.5% for all of you familiar with the 925 on Tiffany's sterling silver products). Most other sterling silver products will have the number 925 stamped somewhere on the piece of jewelry... if the 925 is absent from the product, it is likely not sterling silver,
  • For gold, this gets a little trickier because there are so many different options. Between the karat amount (10k, 14k, 18k,etc) the color (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold), and other options (gold-filled, gold-vermeil, gold-plated, gold-tone, gold-dipped, etc.) 
  • Karats give you an idea of the hardness of the piece of jewelry and the amount of gold in the piece. 24k gold is pure gold. Each time that number lessens, there is less gold in the metal mixture. 14k gold is best for jewelry because it is a decent balance of gold and is not too soft. The higher the karat, the more pricey the piece will be (in most situations). West Avenue offers the option to purchase a solid 14k gold monogrammed necklace.This is a great option if this is a piece that you are buying to last a lifetime.
  • If $415 is a little out of your budget (it is certainly out of my budget...sorry cCm, you'll have to wait until I get a job!!), then Swell Caroline has a great option for around $160. This time, if you'd like gold, your option is gold filled. Gold filled means that the jewelry is fused with gold on the outside and there is another metal that is the majority of the necklace. It will last if taken care of (don't get it wet, don't let it touch your perfume, don't wear it at the beach or pool, keep it in a covered pouch and don't clean it with anything but a dry cloth).  Don't confuse this with gold plate, gold leaf, or gold tone. Gold plate is another metal that is covered in gold but the gold will eventually wear down and the metal will become exposed. This is similar to gold leaf. In gold leaf, the gold will wear down very quickly. Gold tone, is just another name for the color gold. If you read something that is "gold tone" then there doesn't have to be any percentage of gold at all-- basically, it's costume jewelry so don't be fooled!
So, when you shop for a monogrammed necklace, make sure to keep some of this information in mind and shop with a priority. For trend? Or, for a classic piece of jewelry that will last you a lifetime.  Have a fabulous day!


    Anonymous said...

    I love monograms (on bags, some jewelry, etc.) but I do think these necklaces in general are a bit gaudy. To have your initials on a bracelet or inside a sport coat is subtle and classy. But stamping it across your neck is a bit show-y.

    Anonymous said...

    What a great post! I don't one of these on my list this year.. I do have a gold one that I got my freshman year of highschool. I am waiting to get a new one once I'm married -- and I'll get silver then!!

    Emily said...

    I want one so bad, but I think it's a little late to ask for it since there are only 2 weeks until Christmas

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

    Carolina On My Mind said...

    I wanted one this Christmas, but my monogram is about to change so I'm going to hold off and wait till next Christmas! Great post!

    Danielle Marie said...

    I just got one for my birthday this year! It was all I wanted and I absolutely love it! I got mine from a local store in my town.

    Kristine Elizabeth said...

    Great information! I'm a sterling silver girl, but I have a few pieces from my grandma that are gold. My skin turns green if I wear cheap metals which is kind of annoying when I just want to wear some costume jewelry going out or something!

    Grace said...

    Great information! Those are so pretty; maybe I'll ask for one some year.

    jessica5 said...

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    Lisa said...

    I love monograms! My three girls are getting these necklaces for Christmas!!

    Monogram Necklace Website said...

    I love the Arizona Pendant Necklace! & I also love the carly bangle bracelet! This site is so adorable! I think I know where I'm going to be getting my future jewelry from now on!

    Opersonalized.com said...

    hey, you look so gorgeous in the dress and jewelry. Did you get it from Opersonalized?


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