Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Summer Wind's Holiday Gift Guide: Little Ladies

This list is supposed to be for little ones, but I can't say I haven't added these furry pretties to my wish list as well. They are the Lands End Girls Faux Fur Mittens. They are an absolute steal at $24.50. They come in two color options but I prefer the brown shade better. The cream would get dirty quickly and I think the brown looks more luxurious. They also come in small, medium, and large and the reviews say that the large can fit a smaller adults hand!
This is the Juicy Couture Feeling Moody Bracelet. It's $38 and comes in 8 different color combinations. I know when I was little, I love Juicy Couture (although I specifically remember my mother hating it) but it will put a smile on any little girly girl's face. These are also great gifts for the little ones to give their BFF's because each color represents a different attribute.
Any little lady would love a little Lilly to add to her collection. Buy a girl her first Lilly and she will cherish it forever! A really fun idea is when your little one outgrows her first Lilly, place it in a shadowbox and she will have it forever! A fun decoration with lots of nostalgia too!
Show her how much you love her with a Dogeared necklace. These make great gifts and are dainty enough for a little girl to wear. Perfect for the teen girl-- it is a classic piece that she will cherish for years to come.
Too young to wear make-up? Well, let her experiment with Mac's Mini Lip Gloss set. It's a fun way to teach her how to wear make-up responsibly. Plus, if she is getting into make-up she will immediately recognize the Mac name and feel like a glamorous adult! 
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff. It is one of my all time favorites. There is also another cute book called If you Give a Moose a Muffin! Both such cute stories with great illustrations. Perfect for the child that has everything or a child learning to read or that loves to read.
I love my Patagonia vest, jacket, pullover, etc. Why not give the little ones some warmth as well? Even better, get yourself and your minis all matching vests! 
Nothing beats Eloise At the Plaza on DVD! I still watch this again and again. It never gets old and it is fun for the whole family!
What are you getting your little lady for the holidays? Have a fabulous day!


Bethany said...

Cute ideas! My girls have those mittens and LOVE them. They're sooooo elegant. Be sure to check out my minnies' gift ideas later this week. xoxo

Carolina On My Mind said...

Love all of these ideas! I may have to steal those mittens for myself!! If You Give A Mouse A Cookie is definitely one of my favorite books, as well. So glad you posted about the children's Patagonia vest, because I can wear children's and totally forgot to check that section! Thanks!

Love and Lilly said...

If you give a mouse a cookie and if you give a moose a muffin are probably two of my all time favorite kids books! LOVE!!


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