Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sick Days

I was recently pretty sick. We're talking runny nose, feverish, coughing, sore throat, groggy, headache, the whole nine yards. I can tell you this much: I did not miss one class. What to do when you're feeling sick has always been a struggle for me while in college. You don't have your parents there to take care of you, you don't have access to your regular doctor and your classes and teachers are definitely not forgiving like they were back in high school. It took me all the way to senior year to figure out how to deal with illness.

Sick by summerwind41490
Of course all of my tips and tricks don't work for everyone and also depend on the severity of your cold and how likely you are to infect others. The worst part only lasted about 24 hours, so it wasn't too severe. Here's what to do:
  • Class: If you are on your death bed, don't go. If you feel an ounce of possibility, go. Honestly, the stress of missing a class, making up the work, contacting lots of professors/group members/etc. is almost more stress and work than actually going to an hour long class. 
  • Drink TONS of water. Literally flush it our of your system. Also, I don't know if this works or if I just think it works but I always drink orange juice when I start feeling a cold coming on. Vitamin C is one of the best vitamins for fighting a cold and I've heard that it's better to ingest your vitamins through food rather than pill form. 
  • I do take a daily multi-vitamin which I am also convinced helps to keep me healthier than without taking one.  
  • Sleep! The cold I just had, I literally went to bed at 9:00pm and woke up at 10:00am or 11:00am. I got tons of rest and it was much needed. If you have early classes (luckily, for the most part, I don't) just go to bed all that much earlier. 
  • Zicam is the saving grace. It really works. 
  • Don't wear sweats in public. It will make you feel sick and give you the sick mentality. Dress comfortably and warm, but no sweats! If you look a little more put together, you will feel better just based upon attitude. Leggings and an oversized sweater is much more put together than sweatpants and a sweatshirt and is just as comfortable! 
What do you do when you feel sickness coming on? Have a fabulous, sick free day!


Emily said...

You put the best outfits together ever! I was sick this week, too. It's the worst! Hope you're feeling better!

Emily :]

Lindsey said...

I've been so sick the last week or so, but I've definitely been using most of these tips.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

I have had some horrible colds this season. JCW would totally agree with you on the "sick mentality", he won't even admit his is sick! xx

Buckhead Belle said...

Great tips! Nothing stresses me out more than being sick and missing something at work.

Portuguese Prepster said...

I can sympathize-I've been sick lately and I couldn't agree more that drinking water and orange juice really does help! Hope you feel better!

Megan said...

What a great post! I wish I could pull such a cute outfit together when I'm not feeling well!

Unknown said...

I hope you feel better!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

I hated being sick at college--professors are usually not very helpful! Good tips!

Grace said...

I always do the leggings and oversized sweater thing, too! Hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog your styled is great Keep posting great outfits you have given me a lot off great ideas

Preps Know Best said...

I was recently sick as well, I totally agree about the water thing! It definitely does the trick on getting you well quicker. When I feel a cold coming on, I take Cold-Eeze non stop...I think it really works! xoxo

Hilary said...

Very good tips! Although, I hope you didn't go to class if you were running a fever! It's one thing to feel bad, but if you're 'contagious' (i.e. have a fever), please do the well ones a favor & don't go to class! :)


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