Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dress Down

Happy March to everyone! I cannot believe how quickly this semester is going-- it is definitely the fastest that time has ever gone for me which is definitely bittersweet now that it is my senior year! I figured for the month of March I would try to focus on a lot of college related posts since I literally only have two months left in college! That way, I can look back on the posts and reminisce. I try to dress for class every single day, however, sometimes it is just unavoidable to dress down. For example, every Tuesday and Thursday I have my self defense class which means I need to wear athletic clothing, however, I usually have classes and meetings before that. Sometimes I bring a change of gym clothes, but other times, I just wear clothes that are easy to move in. Here are some examples of how to dress down in a more put together way.

Dress Down
These are just some of the examples I have worn in the past whenever I have slept through my alarm, needed to be active, or just had to run a couple of errands. What do you wear when you dress down? Have a fabulous day!

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Buckhead Belle said...

When its warm, I almost always wear a tennis skirt!


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