Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Father of the Bride Style

If you have been reading my blog for a little while, I have expressed my love for the movie Father of the Bride many times. It is literally my favorite movie of all time. I kid you not, I probably watch it twice a month if not more. Well, remember my post about When Harry Met Sally style and how it is still very relevant today? Father of the Bride was filmed shortly after When Harry Met Sally in 1991 (I was only 1 at the time) and the styles seen in FOTB are also still relevant in today's fashion world.
 First we'll start out with a few of Annie's looks...

Annie Banks Style

I think that this is a movie that truly shows how classic a little black dress can be. Annie wears it very simply which I love. I think the headband actually dresses down the dress which helps, because in the film, there's not really a big reason for her to be so dressed up.

The next look is super casual and a bit outdated because of the denim, but can easily be updated with some more modern denim. I think this is an easy/comfortable look, and again, it is amazing how simple and elegant you can make something like this look. L.L. Bean sells my favorite turtlenecks and I chose Seven For All Mankind denim because they make my favorite boot cut/flare denim. Then I added converse sneakers but Tretorns would also work. The slip on Chuck Taylors are on my "to purchase" list because similar to a Tretorn, these last forever and never go out of style... plus they are under $50! Her watch is timeless and classic and I love that she is always rocking a headband. This Kate Spade watch looks exactly like something that Annie would have worn!
Next is Nina Banks' outfit. I can't get enough of the ensemble from this scene. It is timeless and classic and I am trying to pull together something from my own wardrobe to replicate this outfit. 

Nina Banks

This outfit is so simple and neutral and truly can be pulled off by anyone at any age. I know Nina doesn't wear them in the movie I have been dying for a pair of Varinas forever and think that they go really well with the above outfit. 
Are you a fan of FOTB? Have a fabulous day!


The Aly Way said...

This is my absolute favorite as well! It makes me cry every time, I just adore Steve Martin. Excellent post! (Love the last outfit, post pics if you create it!)

Linnie said...

I'm really loving these styles. Classic elegance. Thanks for the fashion suggestions!


Miss Margarita said...

I love The Father of the Bride, and love Annie Banks style!

carlee said...

I absolutely LOVE this movie so this was a really great post for me!

Farrah said...

Oh how I adore FOTB! Annie's style is very much my own. I like the black dress as well, but I think my favorite 2 outfits are the pink suit she wears to Franc's office and the navy and white going away outfit!

Bethany said...

I love this! The outfits Annie wears are totally classic :)

Anonymous said...

I love those two movies as well, even father of the Bride 2 is a fave. Add to that Sabrina, both of them. I am also wanting the Varinas as well as a pair og Chanel ballet flats. Have a great day. But please remember to thank a vetern Monday. My son served 2 tours in Iraq.

Portuguese Prepster said...

such a classic movie!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love this movie and your totally right about Annie's style!


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