Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pack your beach bag!

With Memorial day weekend beginning tomorrow, pools are opening and people are traveling to fun locales! Memorial Day also marks the time when you break out your beach bag and stock up on essentials such as sunscreen and a big floppy hat. Here is what is in my beach bag... 
This year I am using the "cooler" tote that Lifeguard Press generously sent me. It is meant to be used as a cooler, however, I thought that this would make the perfect beach/pool bag for several reasons:
  1. The inside is lined, therefore, if sunscreen explodes or you need to throw in your wet bathing suit, nothing gets ruined. 
  2. It is meant to be a cooler so if you tote your make-up around when you go to the beach or the pool, your make-up won't melt. I especially love this because often, we go to the country club for a day of relaxing on the sun deck and then we stay there for dinner. Meaning, I shower and then need to apply my make-up after time spent by the pool. When using this, my make-up will be perfect! 
  3. It is monogrammable. I mean seriously, I love anything monogrammable. I plan on getting the pocket monogrammed but just haven't had the time to take a trip to the monogrammers. 
  4. It's large. This bag is a lot larger than I expected and at a little over $30 it is a really great deal. I can fit a change of clothes, towel, make-up, book, etc. in the tote and still have room left over. 
My must have beach products are as follows:
This is a new addition as of this week. I just ordered it from Sephora and could not love it more. It reminds me a lot of the Baby Lips, but it has a much better color and scent. Plus, it is SPF 15 which is perfect because my lips always get burnt!
Sunscreen is a necessity. Sometimes I opt for Banana Boat's SPF 15 tanning oil, but to start out, I use a stronger sunscreen such as SPF 30.
Sunglasses are definitely important. Number one reason is so I can people watch ;) and another reason is because I don't want to get wrinkles near my eyes! I recently got the classic green lense/gold frame Ray Ban aviators and I absolutely love them. I think that they will be the only sunglasses I purchase from here on out!
This Tervis water bottle will also be a recent addition to this year's beach bag. It is the perfect size and keeps things nice and cold; even in the hot sun! I like to drink Crystal Light pink lemonade but it is also perfect to use as a cocktail shaker... then you can drink right from it ;).
After-sun lotion is crucial. Lotion gives you that creamy bronze look and helps to hold your tan longer... Many have small amounts of self tanner which is a bonus! 
Add my iPhone, a good book, a nail polish (or 2,3,4), change of clothes, extra bathing suit, beach towel and cover up and I am good to go! What do you have on hand in your bag this weekend? 

Have a fabulous day!


Farrah said...

I am doing a post similar to this soon! That bag is so cute! I hadn't thought about after sun cream. I'll check that out. Thanks!

Fashion Meets Food said...

I always love to know what others put in their beach bags! I use to use an after sun moisturizer all the time, unfortunately the company stopped making it so I haven't used one since. Maybe I will look into the one you use. Does it smell decent? xo

Anonymous said...

Love all of this! I just received the cherry begonias cooler bag as a shower gift - I can't wait to use it on the honeymoon! Now I just need to find the perfect sunscreen.

The Preppy Princess said...

They are such great bags, I love mine. And the Tervis water bottle is great for the beach, I love that size.

Sending you a smile,

Forever in Pearls said...

Hahaha I always wear sunglasses so I can people watch too. I always take a few magazines to the pool with me. Right now, I have Southern Living and Martha Stewart Living in my bag.

Ali said...

The perfect beach bag! I just received the exact same pair of ray bans, and I love them! I need a pair of croakies to complete the look, but they're pretty classy on there own. Gotta love the tervis water bottle too... I love mine for everything!

Grace said...

Ah, fantastic picks! I am in dire need of some good sunglasses, haha.

Chelsey said...

I went out and bought the Lilly Scarlet Begonia tote today with a matching koozie! So excited to use it for the pool, thanks for the recommendation!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I need to try that after sun lotion!!


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