Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Must Read: The Smart Girls Group

I have to tell you all about "The Smart Girls Group". It is such a clever idea and the girls that have created it are an inspiration. Their tagline is "Be Smart. Share Smarts." Clever, right? Well, these gorgeous ladies (inside and out!) team up to produce a guide (much like a magazine) to educate young women on current events, politics, health, beauty, college, high school and anything and everything in between.

I am so impressed, because when I was in high school, I know a lot of girls, and even myself who could have used the wisdom that comes from "The Smart Girls Group". Each girl that contributes to "The Smart Girls Group" is wise beyond their years. You can clearly tell that each and every girl is a role model for other high school girls. Not to mention, I am 22 and still think that their advice and knowledge is very relevant to my life. 

These girls show off the good side of teens and college-aged women. They showcase young women who are not beauty-obsessed, gossip-queens, but who are philanthropic-minded, wholesome, good-hearted individuals. This magazine inspires young women to dress for success, live their dreams, focus on schoolwork and be a good friend while also balancing time for sports, activities and socializing.

Last month's issue had a fun section where you could send in a picture of your graduation photo and what your future plans were, so I sent mine in. It was so exciting to see all of the other college-bound women... and I was semi-jealous they get to experience an amazing 4 years that I just got to experience! I am in pretty good company, right?! ;)

If you haven't checked out The Smart Girls Group, I urge you to check it out! And for young ladies looking for a great chance to write and have their voice heard, think about e-mailing the girls at for a chance to help out! Have a fabulous day!



Emily Anne Pride said...
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Grace said...

I'm writing for the blog that comes out soon, and your support means a lot to us!

Emily Raleigh said...

This was the sweetest thing to see tonight! Thank you thank you thank you, sCe!!! Your support means the world to us and I speak for everyone when I say we look up to you. Sending lots of love and thanks! -Emily :]


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