Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Needham Lane: Discount!!!!

I announced on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr the other day that one of my favorite companies, Needham Lane (posted about previously, here), is offering Summer Wind readers 25% off (code: Summer25) of the gorgeous printed totes !!!

They are super cute with lots of unique, colorful prints. Plus, I love that there are two different styles and sizes to choose from.

Above I am carrying the Dorset Blue Weekender Tote... It is HUGE! It fits so much and still with room for more. Definitely large enough for travel or just for a day at the beach... either way it is perfect for the summer! Another thing that I love is that there are two pockets... I always lose things in my giant bags but the pockets in this bag help to keep things organized. 

Above is a close-up of the Shrimp Shopper Tote.. this print is gorgeous! If you click on the picture and look closely, there are shrimps, bubbles and coral...too fun! The Shopper tote is a lot smaller than the weekender, however, it is still plenty large enough to fit sunscreen, a towel, magazine/book, sunglasses, etc. I think either bag would look adorable with a big monogram embroidered on the front!

The contents of the Shrimp Shopper Tote. An old issue of T&C, The Recessionistas (current read--great!), Ray-Bans and sunscreen.

The 25% off code: Summer25 is good through July 15. Happy shopping! Have a fabulous day!


JR Mazur said...

Thanks for the discount! Totally agree on the monogram :-) cheers to summer!

Grace said...

So cute! Definitely looking into this website!


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