Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pittsburgh Favorite: Nola on the Square

When I first got back from school, my parents and I went out for a celebratory dinner to a restaurant called Nola on the Square located in downtown Pittsburgh in Market Square. This is a new-ish restaurant that my parents had been to before and suggested that we had to go there to celebrate. 

 They were so right! This was a fabulous place to celebrate anything. The atmosphere was lively, colorful and fun and really felt like you were in "N'awlins". They had a live band playing in the front bar area that was absolutely fantastic! 

They had classic Louisiana-inpsire drinks such as the Hurricane which I gave into. I went on a detox for a good two weeks where I cut alcohol and any other beverage except water from my diet completely. But, my parents convinced me to order a drink at Nola because they were so much fun and delicious! 

My mother and I decided to split the grilled Caesar salad as an appetizer. This is just half of the salad... the portions were HUGE! This was easily the best Caesar salad I have ever eaten.

We also split the kalamata filet and it was incredible. The above pictures is half of a portion... I mean seriously we were stuffed! I like my meat cooked super rare and most restaurants won't do it or cook it wrong but this was cooked to perfection. 

OOTN: grey cable knit: Ralph Lauren, white pants: Ann Taylor, blue button down: Needham Lane.

Last but not least, we had to order beignets to top our meal off! They were fantastic.. a little heavier than a traditional beignet, but I gave them a break because we're a little far from the real NOLA.
Have a fabulous day!


My Life as A Plate said...

I love NOLA and I agree, you have to get a hurricane while you are there! It is such a fun restaurant and I love what they have to done to Market Square.

Miss Margarita said...

cute outfit!

Anonymous said...

Nola looks like a wonderful place and has possiblities for a great time. Not sure how I feel about a celebratory dinner given by parents and the honoree spent photographing it for public posting. What about being in the moment? Think about it. Still, congrats on your graduation and very best wishes. You have a bright future.

Grace said...

Love your outfit! Sounds like a fun time. :)


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