Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I've covered EGD on Summer Wind several times. This time, a sorority sister asked me to post about it. She is currently an EGD Design Consultant (which I once was) and has some discount codes to offer readers! The Aimee, Griffin, and Sammi are all 20% off with code: EGJuly4 and you can get free shipping with the code: DC_sjones12. 

Here are S and B (a sorority sister) sporting EGD.
This is T, also a sorority sister sporting more EGD!

So shop away and save with the discount codes! Have a fabulous day!


Grace said...

Cute! I'll have to look into it sometime.

Lisette said...

I love the ruffles on the pink dress! It would look great in my closet

Sarah jones said...

You're awesome Sydney! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, stay in touch!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, keep in touch!


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