Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm in Love

A representative from Graphic Image contacted me to let me know about their Christmas in July sale that is today only! Everything on the entire site is 50% off which is a great deal.

I have never shopped Graphic Image before, however, it is the sister company of GiGi New York which has great quality products. I have heard many bloggers rave about Graphic Image's datebooks and accessories. I am loving the iPhone case in orange (very Hermes-esque, no?!).
This case is originally $48 and for today only, it comes down to $24 (which is a steal in my opinion). This case is definitely a breath of fresh air compared to all of the plastic/silicone printed cases that are so popular. Definitely a more classic, luxurious, grown-up case. I love the personalization options and the many bright color choices. I am thinking these would make perfect Christmas presents as well (the 2013 datebooks are another fabulous gift idea).

Next up is my footwear dilemma: I don't really like shoes (go ahead, gasp!). Sure, I appreciate a great heel or the perfect flat, but once I have one pair of great heels and the perfect pair of flats, I kind of just stop there. 

I love clothing, jewelry and handbags, but the love dissipates when I get to the shoe department. I don't know what it is about my aversion to shoes, but I just don't get all excited about shopping for them. In fact, I go days, sometimes even weeks where I wear the same pair of shoes (more so in the summer). My bank account appreciates that I don't do much in the shoe department, but I realize that I need an update.
I'm in love. I have never in my life been in love with a pair of shoes before. Sure, I've liked many a pair; however, these are the pair. I now know what other women feel like when they fall in love...with a pair of shoes. They are totally me in shoe form. Sensible because they are neutral, classic because of the cut... but then there is that glittery, sass at the toe that adds some personality and interest.

Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! These Ferragamo beauties are a hefty $500. Will I buy them, doubtful, but I will stare at them until I can get over them. 

What do you think of these pretties? Are they worth the $500? Are you shoe-obsessed?! Is there anyone else out there that isn't crazy about shoes? Have a fabulous day! 


Turtles and Pearls said...

I like shoes, I just have a really hard time finding ones I like! I also don't really like handbags at all..sure, I can find a few that I like, but it always comes down to me wanting to spend that money on something besides a purse!

Anonymous said...

I'm not crazy about shoes either! In the summer I wear the same pair of Jack Rogers everywhere, and in the winter I stick to the same pair of boots and pair of Revas. I don't think I own a single pair of brightly colored shoes, aside from sandals. Those Ferragamo flats are pretty adorable...I guess $500 doesn't seem so bad when you think of all the money you've saved over the years from not buying shoes :)

Denise said...

I love these! I would say they're worth it. I have had a couple of vintage Ferragamo bow flats that I bought on eBay and the quality is outstanding. These updated Varinas' completely flat heels are perfect. However, I think the vamp might be a bit low for me. I had thought in the past that if I ever bought these that they would be in a totally neutral color, but I'm coming around to these cap-toes.

Portuguese Prepster said...

I've been lusting over Ferragamo flats with bows on them for a long time too! The glittery ones are gorgeous but the solid colors are a great investment! On my Christmas list for sure!

thereadingmother0708 said...

Like Denise said, check ebay!! Whenever I'm lusting over something I can't afford I can almost always find it on ebay. They are super cute though, you can't go wrong with Ferragamos.

thereadingmother0708 said...

Like Denise said, check ebay!! Whenever I'm lusting over something I can't afford I can almost always find it on ebay. They are super cute though, you can't go wrong with Ferragamos.

Doloris said...

I also wanted to buy me a pair of ferragamo's but my mum told me that I am too young for them now and I'm 19 (I don't think that I'm too young :D) but I kind of understand what she wanted to say. Sometimes it's too early for something. For example I would never buy my 12 year old sister a Louis Vuitton bag because she is too young for it. It's not about the money it's about dignity

Lisette said...

I really like them! I love neutral colours so these are definitely on my lust list now! 500 dollars is slightly expensive however shoes always go on sale! I would wait and check back every week or so (if you found them online) until they are discounted!

A Preppy State of Mind said...

These are gorgeous! Yes I am more than shoe obsessed. I see so many pairs that I like. This is how I go about knowing if I really should buy a pair: I tell myself that if I cant forget about them after a few days, then they are for me. If they're $500, then I'll just have to tell myself to forget about them. haha :)

-Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind


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