Monday, September 24, 2012

Skiing with Neve Designs

Winter weather is right around the corner... Christmas is in just 3 months!!! In fact, here in Pittsburgh, we got a taste of winter this past weekend. Saturday and Sunday were a brisk 50(ish) degrees! I actually forgot how chilly 50 degrees really is. While I love fall, I don't like when it gets freezing. I haven't been home for a fall/winter in Pittsburgh for 4 years now (with the exception of Thanksgiving/Christmas), so I will have to get back into the swing of snow/ice November-March...yikes. 

While, I dislike the freezing cold, one of my absolute favorite things in the entire world is only possible when the weather is freezing (literally)... and that is skiing! Sadly, in Virginia, there weren't too many amazing ski resorts but I did manage to check out Massaunutten (20 minutes away from JMU), Wintergreen and the Homestead. I actually didn't get to ski at all this past winter.. it was way too warm in Virginia! Here in Pittsburgh we ski at Seven Springs/Hidden Valley... many of my friends and family have homes at Seven Springs and we used to have a ski home there! It is only about an hour drive from Pittsburgh so it is super convenient to just hop in the car and go skiing for the weekend... those really are the very best weekends. 

I have been skiing for 18 years (I started when I was 4!) and one thing that has always been important is style while out on the slopes and around town (remember those neon bib snow pants in the '90's?!). There are also a lot of factors that go into ski-wear. You can't just wear a silk dress and ballet flats out to dinner apres ski. Number 1 reason being that you would freeze but also because it is usually snowing or there is slush/snow everywhere. As I start to gear up for ski season, I've compiled a list of ski essentials from Neve Designs... start stocking up now and you will be ready to hit the slopes as soon as the first flake falls.

Layers are key when skiing. The Neve Designs Cirque pant and crew neck is the perfect base layer option. Plus, the quality of this top/pant combo is a steal. I've seen base layers 2 or 3 times the price of the Cirque pant and top! Personally, I am boring when it comes to base layers. I like to be streamline in all black or navy because it is the most flattering (meaning it makes you look the skinniest!). But, Neve has some really incredible print options as well. 

After you have your base layer, you need something fun, thin and warm to throw over top (because, really,  who wants to look like Randy from A Christmas Story??). To say that I am obsessed is even an understatement when it comes to Neve Designs vintage inspired wool pull over zip ups! I mean, the Courchevel zip neck even made Oprah's 2011 Favorite Things list... and I can certainly see why! Neve Designs generously sent me this zip neck top and I am so in love! I actually plan on wearing this with a tee, jeans, and boots for a fun winter look as well as on the slopes! This makes a great apres ski option as well. I think skinny cords and loafers or boots would look fabulous for dinner in a ski town.

Lastly, you will need a ski jacket and pants... my favorite brand and what I own are Spyder, wool socks (my favorite are Smart Wool), cozy boots (think L.L. Bean) and fun hat and pair of gloves. Where to store all of those accessories?! 

Neve Designs really does have it all. The Courchevel weekender bag comes in handy when you are on the go to your favorite mountain destination. Neve Designs also sent me weekender bag... what nice people they are at Neve! What's inside mine?

The perfect pair of "boot tucking" denim, tortoise headband (because no one likes fussing with their hair apres ski), classic Ray-Ban gold/green aviators to block out the sun's glare, vaseline, Courchevel zip neck and lastly, leather driving gloves for a sleek apres ski look.

What are your ski essentials? Have you shopped Neve Designs? What's your favorite piece? Have a a fabulous day! 


AEOT said...

Love, love, love that vintage inspired sweater. Neve-if you need another reviewer, I'm in!! I would love to rock that sweater up north this winter when we're on the slopes with our 2.5 year old (we're going to get him out for his first time!!). We head out to Aspen every few years to ski as we have family there, and this would be SO perfect. The bag is amazing too- I love that you can fit so much into it. It would be great for a quick weekend away or a fun way to "announce" your ski trip on the plane if you are heading out west to ski. Okay, now I am getting excited for Christmas week!!

Anonymous said...

The bag and sweater are so special I think you will look amazing for your after ski cocktail. said...

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