Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Closet Switch

It's that time of year again. It's a day I dread... Switching closets. As I brought out the wool and cashmere sweaters, I may have shed a tear or two while putting away my bright summer frocks. Now don't get me wrong, fall fashion is a favorite of mine. I love leather boots, wool pea coats, and cozy cashmere, but at the same time, those pretty Lilly's and bright chinos brought me happiness every time I opened my closet. So it's not goodbye, dearest summer clothing, it's see ya next time. 

I thought I would share how I go about switching over  my closets. And boy oh boy was it a task... especially because I have no college apartment or dorm that acts as a second closet. 

First, I get a hanging rack (super inexpensive at Walmart) out and go through my closets and drawers and hang everything summery that I want to put into storage. This is a way to stay organized and free up closet space. 

I fold everything very neatly and then get it all into storage...Everything is labeled very clearly with printed labels. Then I organize my closets to get them perfectly ready for fall clothing. 

This is my armoire which is where I store things that I wear most frequently. I have a system for storage. From left to right: Silk/dressy sleeveless tops, silk/dressy sleeved tops, button down shirts, knits, blazers/outerwear, dresses, skirts, dress pants. 

I stack folded denim on the shelf in my armoire right under the hanging clothes so it is easily visible and accessible. These are only the pairs of denim that I wear most frequently, all other denim is folded and in my second closet. 

While going through summer and fall/winter clothing, I pull anything that needs to be taken to the tailor and throw it in a tote. That way, I know that when I pull out my summer clothing for next year, it will be ready to wear and the fall clothes will be ready as well! 

Every time I switch closets, I make a point to get rid of at least a bag of clothing. The above picture was just the start of getting rid of things. I ended up with two garbage bags full... someone is getting lucky at Goodwill! 

Left to right: most worn denim, most worn sweaters, extra hangers. I always have extra hangers because it is such a pain to run out. 

I am a huge fan of under-bed storage. The left bin is just a plastic bin from Target that I store less worn sweaters. I don't mind that it doesn't look nice because I have a dust ruffle that hides under-bed storage. The right box is a bin for extra shoes that don't fit in my three over-door shoe pockets. 

The bin is perfect for "bigger" shoes that don't fit nicely in shoe pockets. 

These are baskets that I used in college and now they house my clutches and small handbags. They are easily accessible and organized. 

Have you switched your closets yet? Do you have any tips and tricks? Have a fabulous day!


Anonymous said...

Which Goodwill? I live in Pittsburgh, and I love your clothes; but do not have the budget for brand-new duds

Rachel said...

I swear by velvet hangers, I just replaced all of my plastic hangers with them last year, it allowed for so much extra space, especially the speciality hangers for multiple pairs of pants. And best of off, everything stays organized because clothes don't slip off!

dWa said...

Wish I lived near you so I could snatch up some of your precious clothes. You should have a blog sale with some of the items!

Doloris van der Bergh said...

I have lots of space in my armoire to keep my cardigans and pullovers in my closet so everthing is in my armoire. I hang all my button downs and polo shirts. My parents don't allow me to have a shoe rack in my room so I have a storage rack in our basement. I always keep my shoes in our basement :D
xo dVb said...

This post made me miss my armoire at home!! It wouldn't fit into my new apartment and I miss the extra space

Lauren Anne


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