Thursday, October 25, 2012

Apartment Style

I, along with my peers are at the age when you are either living on your own in a new apartment, planning to make the move, or still in a college dorm/apartment. Like me, it is heavily on my mind. When to move? Where to move? Who to live with? I remember in college, I would get slight bouts of homesickness. To battle this, I think it is important to add touches of home to wherever you may end up. Here are some of my picks so you can "feel home".

These Maya Brenner state necklaces are perfect.They are the perfect, thoughtful gift. I want a Virginia, Pennsylvania and Georgia one to layer. They are the perfect reminder of the places that you love.

You can also get framed photographs. I know at Ikea's in Pittsburgh they sell gorgeous blown up photos of the Pittsburgh skyline. It would be great to have it framed and hang it in your new place! I found that was a great resource... they had everything from the D.C. skyline to the Pittsburgh skyline to the Chicago skyline. 

Ork Posters! Is another great resource. I love how they map out neighborhoods in each city! They have places like D.C., Manhattan and Chicago... unfortunately, no Pittsburgh! 

Etsy is another great resource. Sometimes you can find people and have something commissioned and sometimes you can find something ready for purchase. I am obsessed with this print of Pittsburgh. 

State pillows/flag pillows are a great way to add a home-y touch to any space.

I love the options that Uncommon Goods offers. The hand embroidered pillows are the cutest... cCm needs this one! 

These dishtowels would make a great housewarming gift and remind anyone of home! 

Do you have anything in your space that reminds you of home? Have a fabulous day!


Portuguese Prepster said...

I really want to move to NYC next year and would totally take lots of VA gear with me!

Claire said...

I'll be needing that VA pillow AND the VA necklace! I will never leave Virginia, so unfortunately for the hubby-to-be everything is RVA crazy in our house because that's what I tend to focus on haha!

Grace said...

I always think those state necklaces are darling! Love the Ork Posters, too!

Charlee R said...

These are all so cute! I live in the city now, so I have framed pictures from my home in the countryside (with family & friends in the pictures too, of course!)

Charlee Anne

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Totally checking out the Oark posters now!


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