Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pink Out

I saw this on Facebook and just had to share... two of my favorite things: Zeta and the Steelers. Who do you think takes care of all that pink out action? Well, Zeta does, of course! 

The above picture is from last year's pink out game (I'm the blonde on the right) that Zeta organized. Everyone was decked out in pink to support a great cause. It is sad to say, most people know someone who has or had breast cancer (I believe the number is 1 in 8). The more awareness that is raised and the more money donated to the cause is a big step in the right direction. To read more about Breast Cancer Awareness (aka BCA) month, read a past post, here

Zeta has also revamped their Think Pink campaign which is a great resource for women or really anyone that wants to get involved and donate. 

Lots of companies have great promotions on pink items and even have limited edition items for the month of October. Check out the great options above from Country Squire Haberdashery!

All you yogurt eaters... remember to save your Yoplait lids !!

Have you donated to the cause? Have a fabulous day! 

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