Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Guilty Pleasures

So let's be real... as bloggers, we don't share every tidbit about ourselves. For starters, a lot of it is for safety/privacy reasons and sometimes we don't share because we are embarrassed... but maybe I'm just speaking for myself. Well... I figured I would share some of the things that I have dubbed as "my guilty pleasures" know.. the things that I am embarrassed to admit!

Guilty Pleasures

  • Vanderpump Rules... The Bravo spin-off from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I've only watched the first episode and I can already tell that I am obsessed. It's trashy TV at it's finest but oh so addicting. Things to look for when watching the show... the girls are all so thin.. watch this for some serious thinspiration (maybe a little too much). Stassi's blonde hair. Seriously, her blonde shade is the most perfect color. Jax is a babe... totally not "my type" but a total hunk, nonetheless. You also have to realize that they are all crazy. Seriously. 
  • Coke Slurpees. It's averaging about 20 degrees or less around here and I am drinking something that is frozen but I really can't get enough. It's a perfect pick me up/fun mid-day treat. 
  • McDonald's bacon, egg, and cheese bagel. It's $3 and unhealthy... what more could you want in a breakfast?! HA! 
  • Whenever I get home from work I put on some sort of get-up that resembles the above outfit. Seriously,  $10 old navy fleece pants are a little slice of heaven. Nine times out of ten, this outfit doesn't even match... It's an even more bizarre look when I am too lazy to remove my jewelry from the day. Then I am in sweats and a triple strand of pearls and some Yurman. Who knows, maybe I will start a trend... Let's hope not. 
What are some of your guilty pleasures...wait... maybe you shouldn't tell me; I might be tempted to add them to my list! Have a fabulous day!


Lily R said...

I'm VERY guilty of that last one! I can't leave the house without looking put together, but the second I'm back home I go straight for my yoga capris..usually with an old oversized fraternity t-shirt of my boyfriend...makes for a super cute outfit lol!

CLP said...

I totally change into comfy, usually mismatched clothes the minute I get home from work too! Also, I've been watching Vanderpump Rules. It is so addicting but Stassi drives me crazy! I always think while watching it, is she embarrassed seeing herself act like she does on national tv. Her hair color is perfection though.

Lainey said...

stassi's blonde hair color is perfection. I also agree about Jax - so not my time but easy on the eyes. Sweats are totally acceptable post work attire during the winter months. And everyone can use a little McDs splurge every now and then!
I enjoyed you sharing these "guilty pleasures" we all have them.

KW said...

99% of the time, regardless of the weather I drink iced coffee and slurpees are my secret shame, adore them! And I own the $10 ON fleece pants (love!) and they are on my body within 10 minutes of walking in the door. I usually manage to take off all of my jewelry but always forget my earrings. Last night it was Lulus, Patagonia Fleece and giant rhinestone earrings, klassy!

kaitastrophical said...

I totally feel you on the Coke Slurpees. I like to get mine with Coke + cherry slushie mixed together. ;) And in Canada.... this is absolutely crazy.

SHF said...

I usually skip the sweatpants stage and go straight for pajamas when I get home unless I'm going out again later that evening.


Duchess said...

I yank off my work clothes the second I walk into the house! My favorite home outfit is sweatpants and a sweatshirt that is a 5x tall and for the record I am neither a 5x or tall and as a bonus I sing "I'm bringing sexy back" as I put it on. Pray for my husband.

Thought of You said...

Ha, ha! I laughed when you said the mismatched sweats outfit looks even more funny with the jewelry still on. Last night I had on VS pajama bottoms, ugg slippers, and a sweater cardigan and thought the same thing! Glad I'm not the only one.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love coming home and getting into something comfortable... like sweats!


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