Friday, February 22, 2013

Lent Update

One of my favorite things about blogging? Connecting with others, of course! Well, Krista of Southern Shopaholic came up with a fun idea. She connected Tickled Pink, Glitter and Ginghman, herself, and I  because we have all given up shopping for lent. These girls are fun to e-mail back and forth with and it is so great to have a support group! 

So for this week's "no shopping" post, we are each going to update with how it's been going... you know, the last TEN days. Ten days marks the first quarter of lent done... Now, only 3/4th of lent left! Whew! 

Let me start off by saying, I shopped. But I don't think it counts. See, Elizabeth McKay was on RueLaLa the other day and I purchased something in the above print. In my defense, I had RueLaLa credit so I didn't exactly pay for it out of pocket. I am sticking to my story, so I still think I am going strong!! 

To be honest, I need to stay off of RueLaLa because the flash sales are the most tempting. My mentality is "If I don't buy this now, it will be gone." and I think that is really where flash sales can get you. You end up purchasing what you don't need or something you wouldn't have purchased in a normal situation. 

Another barrier I am still trying to get over is that I saw a preview of the Lilly Pulitzer Summer collection that is due out May 1st. It is perfection. I am loving the prints and some of the new styles. Kyle from Country Squire Haberdashery sent me a sneak peek and let me tell you, there are two items that really stood out to me. One of them, I want to pre-order.... really badly. But let me tell you.... I am trying my hardest to hold off until post-Easter... Because if I'm being honest with myself, I don't need it now. Really, I don't need it ever, but I sure do want it! 

Sometimes when I have downtime, I venture to Target (Tar-jay as I lovingly call it) or Marshalls/TJ Maxx. Well, I haven't stepped foot into these stores, because I can't just walk in and out. 

All-in-all, I think what is saving me is the light at the end of the tunnel. My birthday is two weeks after Easter so I know that I will have fun new presents come April and they will be well-deserved. 

If you're wondering about the great Louis debate, nothing has been resolved. I'm still indecisive and have added the thought of purchasing a vintage Chanel bag or a Brooks Brothers handbag into the running as well. Decisions, decisions. Now to get through March. Ugh!! 

This all sounds so trivial, but it really is hard

Did you give up shopping for lent? What do you do to keep your lent promise? Have a fabulous day!


PostgradPrep said...

I gave up shopping for Lent as well and so I have been trying to keep off of Lilly, Loft, J.Crew and RueLaLa so I don't even open their emails in the morning but delete them. I did buy some socks at Target this week when I was grabbing groceries but they were on clearance and a neccessity. I also ran into HomeGoods and bought a pie plate and a quote canvas but together they were on clearance and under $10 TOTAL! I am looking forward to buying a car and a MK watch after Lent so that motivates me.

Catherine said...

Keep it up, you can do it!

Meg said...

I gave up shopping for lent too! I've been lusting after a Barbour coat for years, so that's my light at the end of the tunnel - if I make it through Lent without shopping, that will be my reward. (Even though that kind of goes against Lent. But whatever.)

Klair Smith said...

Hey there! Have you checked out Mulberry bags? I first heard of them through YouTube beauty gurus and they seem to be luxury high quality leather. Similar prices to LV I think. They are less flashy and don't scream designer...but I think they're besutiful and classic. Might be worth looking into. The gurus had the "Alexa" style:


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