Thursday, March 21, 2013


When it comes to how the opposite sex dresses I am no expert but I know that I am picky. In fact, there are some poor style choices that drive me nuts. To give you an example, it drives me crazy when men wear their ski jacket over a nice suit... And believe me, with the crazy temps in Pittsburgh,  I see far too much of this look. Among others, it also drives me nuts if a guys khakis are ill fitting. Just the other day, I saw a guy wearing baggy pleated khakis. Excuse me for being so harsh, but barf. Of course, with fashion, there are no rules, but I have to say, too many guys take advantage of the lack of rules. Not to sound hypocritical, of course, because so many women wear nutty ensembles and take advantage of the "no rules in fashion" category as well (I am probably an offender from time to time). 

There are many things that I think a well dressed gent should have in his closet (a well tailored suit, the perfect khaki, Gucci loafers, bow ties aplenty, etc.) but my number one pick is a Barbour (or Barbour style) jacket. You all know my love for my Barbour jacket ; I think it is an essential for both ladies and gents. Seriously, when I see a guy in a Barbour Bedale or Beaufort, I do a double take. It's laid back, sporty, preppy, sensible, and put together all at the same time. (photos via Pinterest/Tumblr)

See what I mean? Pretty cute, right?

Something I love even more than a guy in a Barbour? Couples in matching Barbours. I  mean, it's cute... really cute. I am guessing that most guys would beg to differ, but I can't help myself! What do you think of #BoysInBarbour? Do you match your beau? Have a fabulous day!


JR Mazur said...

totally agree!! nothing is more attractive than a well dressed man!

Tory Banknell said...

I couldn't agree more!

Portuguese Prepster said...

my boyfriend and I are very guilty of having matching Barbours. And we end up taking way too many pictures matching in them which is just embarrassing haha!

whatBridgetwore said...

I LOVE my boyfriend's Barbour...and I really want one of my own!

Arielle said...

LOVE it!

Ametis Bassir said...

I couldn't agree more, need one in my closet and next occasion I'm getting my boyfriend one :)

LOVE yours by the way, great pick!


Anonymous said...

Wholeheartedly agree! My current bus crush on my morning commute totally rocks a Barbour

Lauren Anne

linda said...

Totally agree with you and love the hotties you've chosen ! ;)

Tony (College Trad) said...

I'm glad you appreciate the look! Currently own a Beaufort and a Liddesdale and am in love with them, definitely my favorite outerwear. I even have my own Barbour article on my blog.

And trust me, us boys return the favor :) #GirlsInBarbour



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