Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Summer Wind Readers Share!

Remember when I posted about my graduation cap and how I decorated it? Well, it's only taken me a month, but some Summer Wind readers sent me photos of their amazing caps and they are just too fabulous not to share! 

A fellow Steeler fan, Caroline decorated hers in Lilly with a pretty monogram. She also had bird stickers because it was a special thing between her and her mom. Such a neat thought!

 This is Jessica of the Preppy Post Grad's cap. I love that she outlined her monogram! 

 This pink and green beauty was created by @barbiedoll313. Love that she added a bow to one the corners!

And this is Andrea's fun red, white and blue cap. I absolutely love the detailed woven aspect... so creative and different! 

Are you planning on decorating? Did you decorate yours? Thanks to those who sent in their caps-- I loved sharing them! Have a fabulous day.

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linda said...

That is such a super cute idea!


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