Monday, August 26, 2013

Baseball Caps

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to see that J. Crew was promoting the baseball cap in their most recent catalog. I wear a baseball hat quite frequently. In college, a hat was a no-brainer. I would sport a cap when I was spending a late night in the library, going to the gym or just too lazy to wash my hair (sadly, I'm not kidding). 

But now, as an adult, there are fewer places that I frequent where a baseball hat is appropriate. Work, no way. At the dinner table, rude. But those Saturday morning errands and Sunday brunches, perfect. A baseball hat is a simple way to look sporty and a quick option for hiding your hair if it's just one of those days

In the above photos, I wore a golf hat with a simple striped tee, Nantucket red shorts and Sperry Topsiders. It was the perfect casual outfit for a Saturday morning in the Strip District hopping around from market to market and enjoying lunch at Penn Ave. Fish Co

In the fall, I think a baseball hat is a great option for wearing with a navy blazer. It makes the blazer less stuffy and more casual. During the winter, I sport hat when spending a day out on the slopes. 

Do you rock a baseball hat? Have a fabulous day!



Miss Southern Prep said...

I use to sport one to my 8 am almost every day last semester. I never wanted to wash/do my hair that early, so I'd throw on a baseball cap then shower when I got home! I think they're perfect for brunching, too!

Portuguese Prepster said...

you look adorable! I used to wear hats a lot for 8ams as well and kinda of miss them!

Katherine Diane said...

I love a good baseball cap! This is an adorable look, perfect for the hot days of August and early September!

SHF said...

I don't usually wear a baseball cap unless I'm running or golfing but yours looks super cute!



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