Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shots from Bed

Sometimes there is nothing better than working from bed. One Sunday morning I tackled a bit of my to-do list from my dreamy bed. 

I wrote some thank you notes with help from Shop Crystal Faye's awesome paper products. I always write my notes with my Stabilo pens because they are so colorful and super easy to write with. And, I couldn't function without my Lilly Pulitzer date planner and iPad (with Lilly case, of course). 

The final touch was making my to-do list on the Susabelle Boutique notepad. This notepad is great because it is large, with no lines and has a thicker weight than your average paper... meaning it holds up until I can actually cross everything off my list! Do you ever work from bed? Have a fabulous day! 



Hunter said...

Working from bed is the best :)


Grace Rice said...

That sounds perfect! I'm definitely going to check out Stabilo pens, too, now.

Portuguese Prepster said...

Looks relaxing! I love working from bed

Anonymous said...

What size planner is that? I can't decide which size Lilly planner to get!?!?!


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