Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I have been wearing Bass Weejuns for as long as I can remember. My dad introduced them to me as he has been wearing the same pair since he was in college. Bass generously sent me a pair to show off on Summer Wind. These are the original loafer style shoe created back in the 1930's. They are impeccably crafted and made of quality materials. These shoes never go out of style and are very affordable. The New York Times just wrote an article about Bass Weejuns and the re-invention of the shoe. It's an interesting and informative article; definitely worth reading. 

Along with the NYT, the Brooks Brothers blog came out with a fun article on why pennies were first put in the penny loafer. 

These shoes run true to size, are wearable with most casual outfits, can be worn any season and are an essential part of a classic closet. Do you have a pair of Weejuns? I'm going on my 4th pair! Have a fabulous day! 



Nantucket the good life at Prince Snow Farm said...

I do love the originals...we all wore them to school as kids. I had the penny, my friend the tassel.

Hunter said...

I don't own a pair, but I definitely want one! They have so many cute styles at great prices!


suburban prep said...

I still have the pair that I wore in high school and in college. I were them often too.

lJe said...

Love the seersucker and nantucket red combo - so classic. The loafers are to die for. I found a pair last season in consignment and I wore them almost daily in the fall.


Christine said...

I love my pair, but I am looking to purchase the original! They're so classic!



In the Pink said...

I have that same them!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I have them and love them! such a classic. and I love the outfit you styled with them

emily | shell chicd said...

SO pretty, I'm dying to get a good pair of leather loafers for the fall! Love your whole sweet look!
xx, Emily
shell chic'd

Beaufort Belle said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Bass Weejuns! I have penny loafers as well as tassel loafers and love them both. I have been wearing them since at least the early 80s! (Yes, I am showing my age!)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love love love those shoes!

Anonymous said...

I just bought myself a pair of Bass Weejuns in Cordovan. I love them. They are a classic. I
wore them as a girl with my uniform, and we all put pennies in them. Now I'm wondering, as an adult, can I still wear them with pennies?


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