Friday, November 15, 2013

Goal: Drink More Water

I love setting goals and then checking them off. Whether long-term or short-term, I love the feeling of accomplishment. One of my goals: to drink more water. This one is pretty darn simple and I have to say, I am faring well so far. 
I saw an info-graphic on Pinterest (I love infographics) and wish I would have saved it but one of the benefits of drinking water is keeping your skin hydrated and in turn, making you look younger. My second favorite benefit of drinking water? It boosts your metabolism. Ohhh yeah. 
I love looking young even more than I love infographics. Seriously though, I slather anti-aging cream on every night, always wash my makeup off (these are the best for when you're lazy) and apply SPF on my face when I'm in the sun. I am terrified of wrinkles. I don't think I would ever opt for plastic surgery (#1 reason being that I am terrified of needles, but that's a story for another day) but also, I want to age gracefully and naturally. But hey, I'll take all the help from wrinkle cream and drinking good old H2O that I can get. 
My plan of action is:
16 oz. right when I wake up 
32oz during the work day
16 oz. post-work
8 oz. before bed
Seriously, I should be floating down stream by the time I am done. I am such a Diet Coke girl but have been really great about choosing water over Diet Coke. Hopefully I'll look like I'm 17 again in no time! I'm really not even kidding... 
Are you big on drinking water? How do you make sure you get enough? Have a fabulous day! 


MouseClark said...

I've been working on drinking more water (and less wine!) recently.

I've got into the habit of having a glass with my breakfast. I've taken a nice glass into work so that I'm not swigging out my water bottle all day. It's so much nicer to drink from a proper glass. When I get home from work I drink a big glass and then another with my meal.

I calculate that I'm probably getting around 2 litres (70oz) in that way.

I would recommend not drinking anything to close to bedtime though. I try to give about a 40 minute gap, otherwise I will have to get up during the night and I hate that!

Kelly said...

I've been slowly working up to something similar for the past few weeks, and I've noticed such a difference in my energy levels and skin! I thought I was going to be tired all the time from not having the caffeine in the coke, but I didn't notice a thing! Also, my skin has been glowing for the past few weeks!

suburban prep said...

WOW quite the goal.
I guess I wasn't drinking enough a few years ago and I had three kidney stone surgeries in 8 weeks. It was not a fun summer.
I have a 20 ounce cup with me when I am at home or I have water bottles with me when I am I and I drink water when I am at a restaurant.
I keep a water bottle or a cup near my bedside at night and if I awaken I take a few sips.
Also keep a humidifier going at night or during the day when it is extra dry around the house.

My Life as A Plate said...

I am terrible at drinking water, I am much more of a coffee and diet coke person during the day. This is a great goal, and the benefits are so worth it.

Lauren said...

I used to be so good at drinking a ton of water a day! I honestly felt better when I was drinking a lot of water, but I feel off the wagon...I had to get up really really early for weeks in a row for a few months and started drinking coke instead of water.


Katy @ Classic Katy said...

For that very reason I tote my ginormous tervis tumbler with me everywhere! I've found that having a straw helps to increase water consumption, and I also stock lemon juice at home and work for a little flavor. Good luck with your goal!

Rose said...

Once you get in the habit of drinking water all the time you will wonder how you ever did without it. I keep lots of cute Tervis' all around and slices of lemon in the fridge. I even got my children into drinking lemon water all the time. We do still like our Coke though. I also don't drink water after 7pm or I'll be up all night. Good luck!

eHa said...

I love my camelback water bottle! It is so easy to drink out of during the day and it doesn't spill as easily as a Tervis tumblr. I also have and iPhone and I use Waterlogged to keep track of how much water I drink each day. I aim for 80 oz since it's a nice round number.

Shotgunsandpearls said...

I find I drink more when I use nalgene. Not my fav, but I seem to always get through 2 liters that way. You have to get through one by lunch....

Anonymous said...

I'm addicted to coffee and diet coke!I have a Starbucks tumbler- the clear one with a straw. I've been bringing it along with me to work and my office has brita water filters so I sip it throughout the day! My skin glows!


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