Monday, November 11, 2013

See a Show

See a Show

There are lots of cold and blustery days ahead and with the cold, makes you want to hole up in your house in cozy clothes and never leave. But, I absolutely believe in trekking out in the cold for fun... especially when Sinatra is involved... and ok, so it wasn't that cold...

A few weekends ago I headed to the Benedum, a theater in Pittsburgh's cultural district, for a matinee of An Evening of Twyla Tharp
Twyla Tharp is a well-known choreographer and was putting on a show that was a tribute to Frank Sinatra. Ummm Frank + Dancing? Perfect. 

I was a dancer since age 4 through middle school (see mini sCe above) and then, once I hit high school, it was all cheerleading. I could really appreciate the technique and form and the Oscar De La Renta costumes were incredible, too. If you watch the video, you'll be amazed by the control that the dancers have. And those lifts? Wow. My favorite number was Strangers in the Night (listen to the song here). 

 The Bendum Center is a gorgeous theater, originally built in 1928, has been dubbed a National Historic Landmark. Fun fact? Bob Marley performed his last live show at the Benedum before his death in 1981.

I wore this Elizabeth McKay Scotland Wrap Dress to the performance (apologies for the mirror pic, but it was a last minute pic!!). It was the perfect dress for such an occasion! Do you go to the theater often? Attending this performance reminded me how much I love it and how I need to go more often. Already marking my calendar for several other performances! Have a fabulous day! 


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Please, please tell me where you got your phone cover from?! It's adorable.


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