Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are kind of old news, and I have never really been into them. Recently, I decided to subscribe to Birchbox for the heck of it and upon receiving my first box, I was bored. Really, I was. The products were definitely not tailored toward the survey I filled out and there was really nothing that impressed me. 

I really wanted to like Birchbox, too, because I love travel sized products. Samples are great for tossing into a handbag or for traveling. I also love trying new products and samples are the best way to discover new products to add to your daily routine. 
I lasted two months with Birchbox and then decided to call it quits. Then, I was introduced to Beauty Box 5 which is basically the same thing as Birchbox... except I kind of like this. 
Birchbox is $10 and Beauty Box 5 is $12. Both Birchbox and Beauty Box 5 give you 5 samples. 
I liked that Birchbox sent higher end  brands but seriously, Birchbox, I don't want a piece of chocolate as one of my items. 

Beauty Box 5 sends anything from drugstore brands to higher end brands which is nice because you get to try out all different things. I also love that they send you full size items. They also even send you coupons.. and a lot of the coupons are to exchange for a free product... some of the products that they send aren't even available in stores yet, which is pretty neat!

So, if you are looking to gift a subscription beauty service this Christmas (which is a fun gift to give), I would suggest Beauty Box 5
Have you tried Birchbox or Beauty Box 5? Any other fun subscriptions I should know about? Have a fabulous day! 


Ann said...

You should seriously try ipsy!!
They are the best and believe me I have tried them all!
I also agree whole-heartedly about Birchbox...I was disappointed every month with that one.

My Life as A Plate said...

I have always felt the same way about these boxes, and have seen a lot of the birch boxes my friends get and don't love them. This one sounds more up my alley, I love that they include new products and a large range of brands. I may have to subscribe! Thanks for sharing.

Katy @ Classic Katy said...

I can't quite get hyped about the subscription boxes. Birchbox, Stichfix, any of them. I have so many unused travel and full size products that I never finish or use, that it seems easiest to just purchase what I want and be done with it. The Beauty 5 box definitely seems like the better of the two though! Do you think you'll continue to use the products that they sent?

McKenzie Wild said...

I gave my sister Birchbox last year for Christmas. Then I found out about Ipsy box and got it for my mom. The Ipsy box was better than BirchBox!

Landlocked Mermaid said...

YOu have to try New Beauty Test Tube. I have been subscribing for years. Full size products . I love it. The best of them all xo

hannah goodman said...

To be honest, Birchbox is one of the most disappointing boxes on the market. ipsy is WAY better, boxes are usually valued at $50-$60 each month and it's only $10. Every brand featured provides a coupon, so you can use them even if you didn't receive that product. If you create a free account on ipsy's website, you will receive an email with all the coupons each month, even if you don't purchase a subscription.

I sound like an advertisement! But I researched subscription boxes for a few months and came to the realization that ipsy and PopSugar Must Haves are the best subscription boxes out there.

Amanda @ Subscription Maven said...

I have tried a lot of different subscription boxes and I adore Birchbox, Beauty Box 5 and Ipsy.... for very different reasons. What appeals to me about Birchbox is their points system. Reviewing 5 products equals 50 points or $5 to spend in their shop on full-sized items. (you have to spend a minimum of 100 points or $10 to redeem your points). I save up my points and go shopping on their website for great high end products and can usually get a nice free product or sample with my order. Beauty Box 5 is nice for a lot of good drugstore brands and a few higher-end products, but they tend to send a lot of the same brands in their boxes. Ipsy is also nice because of the values of their bags. Usually between $30 - $60, plus the makeup bag. A lot of their products are targeted toward younger people, but I have two sisters I gift products I don't use. At the end of the day, I think it all depends on what it is you are looking for in your makeup subscription box. Personally, I would rather go for PopSugar as a great overall lifestyle box that usually includes a makeup item or two!


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