Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lists on Lists on Lists

I love lists. I know for those that have been reading Summer Wind for while know that this is not earth shattering news. There is something so calming about creating a list and then something so wonderful about crossing things off and watching your list grow/shrink. When I have a list, I feel like my life is in order. 

I also love how personal a list can be. It's like peeking into someone's life. I have sorted out a great system for lists. I organize my lists by categories. I do my lists weekly unless I am majorly loaded up with work/errands/etc (this is just for my personal lists, not my at-work lists!). For example, when I travel or at work, I usually have 23408230498 lists (ok, so I might be exaggerating slightly).

This is the template I have come up with for myself. I don't make my lists on the computer but on this fun notepad that Susa Belle Boutique sent me. I like that it is flat, un-ruled (is that even a word), and large for lots of writing space. My categories are:

I usually post my M-F editorial calendar on here to keep me up to speed. Also, if there are any important e-mails I need to make sure to respond to, I write them down here as well as any companies I am currently highlighting for that week. 

To Do
This is random stuff. For example, I always have things like 'paint nails', 'schedule a hair appointment', 'send bff bday card', etc. If I have something written down like 'call ___ company', I will actually write the number next to it. That way, I can quickly make the call without having to look anything up. Same for 'send bff bday card'... it would have the address right next to it.  

This is the real fun stuff like laundry, changing my sheets (I literally do this like 4 times a week, it's weird, I know), make lunch for the next day, etc. If I know that I want to wear a certain piece of clothing that needs to be ironed, this will even make the list. 

This is stuff like dry cleaning, tailor, groceries (that list is on my phone), etc. Usually I like to see this laid out because I know that the dry cleaner is closer to downtown, so if I am closer to downtown on a certain day, I will go to the dry cleaner rather than having to make a special trip. It's also good because for the tailor or if I am returning something, etc. I have to make sure I have that stuff with me/in my car. 

Blog ideas, work ideas, a reminder that I haven't spoken to a friend in a while and to catch up, books I want to read, songs to download, etc. 

This list grows often and shrinks much less often. This is where I write down trivial things that I want. Although, sometimes it's things I need. For example, I 'need' a 24" x 24" frame for a project for my bedroom so I have been on the lookout for this. But also I really want a great pair of nude pumps. If the item has made the past 3-4 lists and I can afford whatever item it is, then and only then will I purchase it. If the item leaves the list at any point, then I don't purchase because I know it's not something I really want. It's a good way to keep me accountable on things I'm 'dying for' and things that are fleeting. It's also good to see when my list gets too long and I want too much. I then reevaluate what I already have, either get rid of a bunch or try to gain some perspective and be thankful for what I already have. 

I also keep a billion lists in my iPhone: Songs I want to download, Sephora List, Blog Ideas, work ideas, dates, quotes, etc. 

These are just my categories, but like I said, lists are very personal so how you set up your list is totally your call! 
Shop some of my favorite notepads above! How do you make your lists? Have a fabulous day! 



Tori Moore said...

I love making lists. One of the most satisfying things to me is crossing off something once I've completed it.


Lauren said...

I am a bit of a list making too, I just love marking things off of a to-do list! I really like the templet you came up with!


Kelly said...

Love how organized you are. It makes me feel way less self conscious about my organization-crazed tendencies! I find it's better to be a little over prepared/organized than chaotic sometimes.

Miss Southern Prep said...

I'm the same way! I actually have a post scheduled for next week about my list madness. I feel so accomplished and at peace when my list is completely finished!

Elizabeth said...

So nice to know someone else shares my obsession with crossing things off a list :-)

Seersucker Sass said...

Your list template is perfect! I'm definitely going to implement it into my list making routine, instead of having little lists everywhere!


Allison Troyano said...

I absolutely agree! I am a list maker at work and at home so I love your template!

mQs said...

I am certainly a list maker too! Also I love your glasses, what brand are they?



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