Friday, January 10, 2014


Who What Wear just did a round up of their favorite sweats which inspired me to write this post. 

Do you wear sweats out in public? 

Personally, when I get home from work knowing I don't have to leave my house for the rest of the night, I dive into my comfy clothing. A lot of times this equals old sorority sweatpants, men's button downs or pj sets/camisoles/etc. Butttt... I don't think I would ever actually go out in public in sweatpants-- leggings, well that's a different story. 

I thought I agreed with Karl... but the Who What Wear article makes it look so chic (and so does this fashion blogger on Pinterest). My thought process, though, is that it takes the same amount of time to put on sweats as it does a more formal pair of pants, so why opt for the sweats? What's your opinion?

If I were to venture out in sweats, I'd like to have these... that way, people will always know how I feel ;) Have a fabulous day! 



Hunter said...

I agree with you on the sweatpants thing. It is comfy for the home and working out, but not something I would wear otherwise.

Prep on a Budget

thepreppyleopard said...

I gotta agree with Karl! I think the only acceptable reason to be seen in public in sweatpants is to/from the gym. (I might be a little biased though--growing up, my parents wouldn't even buy me sweatpants because they thought sweats were sloppy.)

Lauren said...

i say hell no to the sweatpants...a good alternative is stretch/yoga pants so at least you look like you came from the gym!


Christina Quinn said...

My grandma always taught me to put myself together before leaving the house - you'll never know who you might meet! I definitely abide by the same rule as Karl - sweats don't leave the place that I sleep!
I didn't really think about it until after I graduated, but for the most part at my college people followed a similar rule - only athletes wore sweatpants to class. The "not trying very hard" uniform instead tended to be leggings, riding boots, and a Patagonia - in my opinion a much more acceptable version of wanting to have a comfy day, if needed!


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