Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Perfect Hummus

I am so not into cooking but I have been trying to learn because I really love to eat. I enjoy like every food imaginable except for goat cheese and mushrooms (ick). Of course, there are things that I like more than others (ahem sushi, lox, lo mein and filet, so random, I know) but I love all types of food. I also try to eat healthily on a regular basis and have been working to avoid carbs like breads and pastas. I don't actually have much of a weakness for breads/pastas so it's really not too much of a restriction for me. I've been doing this for about five months and I have not only lost a few pounds but truly feel better! 

My friend Dana and I have been cooking dinners together on a regular basis. Dana loves to cook and is a great teacher, too. She taught me how to make this hummus recipe which is super easy (seriously, if I can make it, anyone can) but it is also healthy! 

Obviously, you have to be cute when you're cooking... see my favorite apron picks above! What's your favorite healthy snack? Do you love to cook? I'm truly trying to love it! Have a fabulous day! 



Lauren said...

I love humus and that recipe looks delicious! I also really like your apron picks!


Portuguese Prepster said...

oo I love this take on hummus! I could seriously eat hummus all day.


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