Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wallet Essentials

I'm obsessed with my wallet. I've had it for years (see post from 2011 here) and it has only gotten better with age. It's not the most glamorous-- the shape is basic and there isn't any defining hardware on the wallet besides two outer zippers, but it works so well with my lifestyle. Only downside is that it is pretty large so it doesn't fit in most clutches and takes up a lot of room in smaller handbags. 

After reading this post, you are probably going to think I am a hoarder but I like to be prepared for anything! Since this wallet has so many pockets, I fill it up with odds and ends that I may need in a pinch. I have a lot of this stuff in an 'emergency kit' that I keep in my handbag as well, but this is good to have because sometimes I run out the door with just my wallet. 

What I carry:

Money (I hide a $20 in one of the pockets and only use it for an emergency).
Blotting Papers
Nail File
Makeup Remover Wipe
Ibuprofen (I put it in a tiny bag so it fits flat)
Shout Wipes
Bobby Pins
Forever Stamps
Safety Pin
Hair Ties
Business Cards

I also like to stash a $20 in my iPhone case-- like I said, you never know what you'll need!

Do you stash any of these items in your wallet? It's saved my day several times! Have a fabulous day!



Annie said...

love this wallet, it seems very practical! just an fyi, i looked into it and overstock is carrying it right now for around $30!

Lauren said...

I do the same thing with my phone case!


Hunter said...

I am the exact same way!

Prep on a Budget

Anonymous said...

So cute! I'm looking for a new wallet right now and I love this one!

Books, Beauty, and Bars on a Budget said...

The extra $20 in your phone case is SO smart - never thought about doing that!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I am totally with you and always keep extras around, especially during the work day!

Ally said...

The phone case trick is such a good idea! It's always good in case of emergencies.



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