Saturday, February 1, 2014

Blog Breakfast in Bed

Happy February! Oy, where has the time gone? I feel like just last week we were celebrating Christmas... crazy! This morning I'm excited to be joining Dorothy of Prep In Your Step for Blogger Breakfast in Bed! It's such a cute concept and I can't wait to read others who join the #BlogBreakfastInBed ! 

These photos were taken almost immediately when I got out of bed. Hence why I am covering my face with a magazine and my hair is atop my head like a rats nest. Just keepin' it real, ya know. 

The questions that are a part of the link-up are:

What is the first thing you do on a lazy Saturday morning?
Coffee, coffee, coffee. This is the first thing I do every morning! I like my coffee black with a sprinkle of Spelnda. Then, I'll usually get back into bed and read a book/magazine, Twitter, blogs, Facebook or scroll through Instagram. 

What would your ideal breakfast be, don't forget the coffee?!
I think it would be an omelette with jalapenos, onions, olives and lots of cheese. Can't eat eggs without ketchup and hot sauce either! I also love love love banana, strawberry, nutella crepes and a bagel with lox, capers, onions, tomatoes, and a tiny bit of cream cheese. YUM! I also love a good mimosa... the more champagne and less OJ, the better, ha! 

If you could have woken up this morning and been anywhere, where would it be?
Hmmm... this is a tough one. Part of me wants to say at the lake house in Georgia because then I'd wake up surrounded by all of my family together but another part of me wants to say some place exotic and fabulous like St. Tropez or Santorini! 

{And just for fun }What is your favorite instagram filter?
This is a funny question because my sister, cCm, says that I am the worst at choosing Instagram filters... I like the tried and true Valencia and also enjoy Mayfair and Hudson, too. I've been using Vscocam to edit my Instagram filters so sometimes there is no need to use a filter, thank goodness! 

Also, just as an add-on of my own. As you can see, I like to sleep in men's clothing. It's just so comfortable! I prefer men's button downs and boxers. Scroll through the above widget to see similar items! 

This was such a cute idea and thanks to Dorothy for putting this together. See all of the other bloggers who participated over at Prep In Your Step! Have a fabulous day! 


Belle said...

I am in love with the photographs in this post - they're stunning! I love the #blogbreakfastinbed idea, I joined in too!

Belle //

Hunter said...

Love it! Also, I completely agree on the men's clothing! It is honestly so comfy!

Prep on a Budget

Ashley Mason said...

Your pictures are adorable! I participated in #blogbreakfastinbed, too!

Meredith Scroggin said...

You and your photos are tooo cute, I love them! You make men's pajamas so chic!

xoxo, Monogram Meredith

PS-- I did the post, too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sydney-
Where did you get the monogrammed sticker for the back of your iPad?

dWa said...

You are absolutely flawless. Adore your bedding! Thanks so much for participating!

Sydney H. said...

Your pictures are adorable! I also participated in #blogbreakfastinbed, so check out my post!




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