Saturday, February 15, 2014

Donald Robertson x Lisa Perry

I always love Lisa Perry's presentations. Always. I was so bummed I was unable to make it up to the big city for the show... especially this time because she teamed up with one of my absolute favorite artists and head of creative development at Bobbi Brown, Donald Robertson.  Robertson designed the runway and Lisa Perry's UES Madison Ave. store in gaffer tape (you know, the tape they use to tape down wires/carpeting so people don't trip?)...such a cool backdrop for the fab pieces, don't you think? 

I'd like to think if I was a designer, I'd be Lisa Perry. I love her vision and her pieces.. those silhouettes are always just perfect... a little reminiscent of the mod era. I imagine if Samantha Stevens in Bewitched (one of my icons) was living in today's era, she'd be sporting Lisa Perry. What do you think of Lisa Perry and Donald Roberston? Have a fabulous day! 



Hunter said...

I love this collection! I wish I could own one of the prints for myself haha!

Prep on a Budget

Crumbs and Curls said...

Love these looks, so chic! I also love the hairstyles!

Crumbs & Curls

Alexandra Aimee said...

These shapes are lovely, and I also LOVE the feminine hair and makeup. It's a nice change from all the slicked back and ultra minimalist looks we saw elsewhere.

-- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo


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