Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Je parle francais.

Ok... so I can't exactly say that I am fluent in French. In fact, I kind of stink when it comes to speaking it and I am totally rusty when it comes to proper conjugation. But, I took French all throughout middle, high school and college and really miss it. I also hate that I never get to practice... ever. I mean honestly, how often are you around a person that speaks French?

Ok... so recently,  I was at a party, and there were two guys there visiting from Canada... they both spoke French fluently, and I made them speak French for most of the night. I was so proud of myself for actually being able to understand almost everything they would say (it's the little things, right?).

My friend, Dana, studied abroad in Italy and then went back to teach English to children. She met her boyfriend there and she has been really brushing up on her Italian. I thought it was genius when she showed me that she has the Harry Potter books in Italian. She said it's easy for her to practice that way since she knows the story line of Harry Potter. 

So now, I've resolved to start ordering all of my books in French rather than in English. Kind of weird, but I am totally willing to give it a try! 

How do you keep up with your foreign language skills? I really love learning other languages and think it is an important skill to have. When Dana and I talk about languages, she knows Italian and Spanish and I know French, so it's neat to see how similar some of the words are between the three languages. Have a fabulous day! 



Lucy-Claire said...

I Love that idea! I studied French for eight years, but since I stopped at the end of high school last month, I noticed my skills aren't nearly as good as I would like them to be! I might give this idea a go! Good luck with your french!

Lucy-Claire xoxox

Portuguese Prepster said...

I love this idea! Speaking Portuguese made learning Spanish very easy and I can understand most Italian and some French. I want to brush up on all my grammar and have been using this great app called Duo Lingo on the subway! It's a great way to refresh your skills!

Catherine Hrbac said...

I speak French too! I've been studying it for 3 years in college. I found this cool website that hooks you up with a French penpal, mylanguageexchange.com
I have 2 French penpals that I write to weekly. I've learned so much and it's actually a fun way to brush up on French.

Seersucker Sass said...

That is an excellent idea! I have been working on learning Italian, so I think I will order a few of my favorites in the language :)

My dad does a lot of international travel for business, and he often brings CDs and DVDs in English to people that he works with because it helps them with their English.

XX, SS || seersuckersass.blogspot.com

Sarah Elizabeth said...

My French teacher junior & senior year of high school taught our class french literature and history through reading and to this day I can read French better than speak, write or understand it aurally. It was such a fun two years because she listened to what we were curious about and taught it (granted you can do that with only 8 people...). L'Etranger & La Peste were what we were reading in AP Lit, so that's what we read in French class. I HIGHLY recommend reading for understanding new words and the language!

Anonymous said...

I am from the US and am also working abroad as an English teacher, so I am constantly advising my students on how to keep up their language skills, although normally I advise on English!
Duolingo is a great tool, as is turning on the alternative audio on DVD's, especially for shows and movies that you've seen before. And READ READ READ!

Angela Duke said...

I love French! One of my coworkers takes French lessons after work once a week, and I am seriously considering joining in--especially because wine is included! :)

Anonymous said...

You 'made' those boys speak French all evening? My goodness, what powers you must have....

Lynne said...

I listen to music by French Artists

Lynne said...

I listen to music by French Artists

Lynne said...

I listen to music by French Artists

Lynne said...

I listen to CDs by French artists


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