Thursday, February 6, 2014


I was born in 1990... I can barely remember a time where I lived without a 'camera phone'. I am always snapping photos in all settings. I love that my camera roll on my iPhone is like a photo journal of my life. 

But you know what? I never record videos. I mean I actually find it kind of sad. I never take video of Mac playing in the snow, of my friends and I belting out songs in the car or spending time with my family.

I love watching old family videos... my sister and I sled riding, birthday parties, cheerleading routines... ohhh the nostalgia. But as ironic as it is, nowadays, unlike it was back in the '90's, my video camera is always with me. Yet, the thought to record moments, just never enters my mind. In case your wondering, this post was entirely inspired by the genius Apple Christmas commercial that made me cry (and still does).

This kind of reminds me of the Taylor Swift song, Never Grow Up (always relating my life to a T. Swift song) when she says 'Take pictures in your mind of your childhood room, memorize what it sounded like when your dad gets home...'

I think this is stemming from me feeling like I am getting 'old'... I mean, I am hanging onto 23 until the very last second... but those last seconds? I'm going to start recording them. So Dad, don't be alarmed if I'm waiting at the door when you get home, iPhone video rolling... just smile and wave! It's a good thing I got the 32gb iPhone option this time around...  

Now all I need is someone to teach me how to edit video footage! Do you take videos? Do you wish you took more? I encourage everyone to start recording! Have a fabulous day! 



Portuguese Prepster said...

I feel like most people I know with little kids take videos of them all the time, but we tend to forget about everyday moments as we get older. I love watching funny videos of me and my old roommates on my phone... I'll have to start taking more!

Chelsea Oliver said...

Brilliant! I love watching old home videos too but, like you, never think to record things. I have maybe 5 videos total on my phone, which is pretty sad. Good inspiration - I looove that commercial too!



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