Thursday, March 6, 2014

Family Dinners

Something I love about blogging is connecting with others. I appreciate each and every e-mail I receive. Quite recently, I've received a large influx of e-mails and I am so grateful to have people who want to connect with me and who enjoy reading what I have to say (so bear with me as I dig through my inbox!!). 
I think one of the most flattering e-mails I have ever received was a mom-to-be who e-mailed me letting me know she was going to be having a daughter (!!!) and she enjoys reading my blog. She explained how it seems as though my parents did a wonderful job of raising me. I mean quite the compliment, right? Thanks Mom and Dad! 

Anyways, she wanted to know what I appreciated and remembered from my childhood that might have shaped me into the woman that I've become today so she can raise her daughter into a gracious young woman. Talk about a great question. I really thought about this one long and hard.
There are a lot of factors of raising a child, and honestly, I pretty much know nothing about that... but I do know what I loved from my childhood.  The one thing that really sticks
 out in my mind is having dinner with my family. 

It sounds so simple and mundane but it's true. I am so lucky to have had such a wonderful childhood; of course there were ups and downs as such is life, but in my family, we always made time to have dinner together. As we got older, family dinners didn't happen every night, but it was still as often as possible. 

Even to this day, at age 23, I can't begin tell you how much I love and appreciate having dinner with my family. Eating a delicious home cooked meal with people that mean the most to you...What more could you ask for? Honestly, it is something that makes me feel truly grateful about the life that I have lived thus far because I know that there are many families who don't have the luxury of having family dinners. 

Now that our family is getting older, I have a full time job, cCm is away at school and life is busy and fuller than ever, we still find the time to sit down together and share a meal. It may not be each night, but we still do it as often as possible. When all of your family is in one room, it truly is one of life's greatest pleasures and that is what I think is one of my absolute favorite parts of life. 

What was your favorite part of childhood? What did you love about growing up and what do you think shaped you into the person you are today? Have a fabulous day!

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Portuguese Prepster said...

That is such a sweet compliment!! I am totally with you on family dinners. When I go home that's one of the things I enjoy the most.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree! We were so big on family dinner growing up and I always look forward to visiting home and having family dinners!

Heather said...

I can totally relate! I think now that I'm older and live away from my parents and my brother is in college we all really appreciate those times that we can all be together. This past Friday night we all got to enjoy a nice dinner- not at home around the dinner table but at one of our favorite Charleston restaurants which was close enough! It's a great chance for everyone to sit down and get caught up on everything that is going on in our lives. I always think how this is a tradition I really want to carry on with my future family too!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet comment from April! Her commitment to raising her daughter in the best way possible is amazing. Just think, you'll be a role model to a whole new generation.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! Family dinners are the most important thing for children growing up. We did as I grew up, so I made sure to do the same with my daughter. She is almost 25 and talks about how special family dinner was and still is to this day. I have always entertained a lot, my daughter always loved our parties and still is starting to do her own entertaining.


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