Friday, March 14, 2014

Scheduled Posts

Ohhh this is what it looks like when all is right in the world. No, but really. 

I have had quite the week or two with work and social events. I am popping up to NYC this afternoon to visit one of my bffs for a quick weekend visit. To say I have been busy is an understatement of the century.... you can really tell by my overflowing inbox. Yikes!

I often get asked how I keep up with my blog, especially under busy or stressful times. I am kind of going to boldly label myself as an expert in this area considering I have been blogging for 5 years now and have barely missed a day.

Scheduled posts, of course, are my best friend in busy times. But, there is also something to be said about time-relevant blogging. I do a lot of that-- where I write my posts the night before they go live (in fact, I prefer that), but sometimes my schedule is just so unruly that I absolutely have to have schedule posts or I would never sleep. 

This is one of those things where I think organization comes into play. I set aside an entire weekend to come up with content for two weeks worth of scheduled posts. I mean that's a heck of a lot of content to not only write/photograph/coordinate/etc. but to also have that many ideas saved up. Whew.

I keep a running list in my phone at all times with ideas and just add them to the running list when they strike. I also keep up with a strict calendar, so since I knew I had works events and that I would be travelling, I made sure that I got blogging done before it could become something to stress over .

For me, I want to keep blogging fun and stress-free... ok so it's not always fun and stress free, but I try my hardest to make it that 90% of the time as this is totally a space of my own where I can be me and be creative. (Totally a run on sentence... but I can be me and creative, right ;). 

If you are a blogger and choose to include your blog on your resume, I think that this is a great talking point that illustrates how organized and prepared you can be, especially when life gets tough and busy! Preparation and organization are truly two attributes that can make you desirable for any position in any industry. 

What do you think of scheduled blog posts? How do you make sure blogging doesn't fall to the wayside for you? Have a fabulous day! 


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Portuguese Prepster said...

I need to start doing that. I honestly often just blog the day of my posts! Occasionally I'll schedule a few if I have a lot of ideas at once.


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