Friday, March 28, 2014

Suit Style

It's no secret I love men's wear repurposed or reinvented for women. When I saw E! post this on Twitter, I knew I had to bookmark the photo. All three of these women look stunning in their suits.
I am so glad that I don't have to wear a suit to work everyday, but there are times when I have to wear one. I love how tailored and crisp each piece is in the above photo. So here's my question, do you have a perfect suit? Who makes yours?
I think the key ingredient in looking fabulous in a suit (or any piece of clothing) is how well it is tailored for your body. I have a fabulous tailor and work with him often to get my wardrobe fitted for my body. I have yet to find the perfect suit, though! Share your sources! Have a fabulous day!


Jessica C. said...

Ann Taylor. They do a great mix of classic suiting pieces and then some trendy options. Very nice fabrics....I wear a suit almost every day and they are the only brand I purchase.

McKenzie Wild said...

Ugh I am so jealous of "chic" and stylish suits. I will never be able to wear one as sadly suits like those would raise some heads in the courtroom, not in a good way.

I get all my suits from The Limited and tailor as needed. I LOVE that the suit colors, the navy, blacks, and grays stay consistent from season to season!

There is nothing worse than pants or a skirt that don't match the jacket!

One day when I am a super star lawyer, I'll wear whatever kind of suit I want! AKA cute ones!

Renowned tailor in Bangkok said...

Now a days every human needs at least one graceful, superior suit which suits on his/her personality. Whether it is for any special occasion or for any business requirement and therefore we all need one suit which exactly fit with our body structure and make us more than satisfy. So, always try to purchase suits from renowned tailors.


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