Saturday, May 10, 2014

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I've been getting a lot of questions about what I eat during my work day. Let's just say anything and everything for starters. I am always eating. Snacking on hummus and carrots, pretzels, candy, you name it. For lunch, I try and keep it healthy but sometimes that just doesn't happen. I remembered to snap a pic of my lunch twice this week! Smoked salmon toast points, some grapes and cheese, and then a caprese and chicken salad! Yummm.

I popped over to the Chanel counter the other day. So many lipstick choices. Do you have a favorite?

This is a great super inexpensive prosecco. Could definitely hold its own against pricier bottles. 

I'm learning to cook more and more and my bff Dana gave me a monogrammed apron for my birthday! I have been loving it! 

I took this a few weeks ago while having dinner at the club-- it's ALMOST pool season and I cannot wait!!! I desperately need a tan. 

Is anyone else as obsessed with Chinese food as I am? I could eat it for every single meal. We have a place near us that has the best and I am always getting takeout for dinner! 

And this post seems to be all about food but seriously, these popsicles are the best thing I've ever had. Amazing!!!! Have a fabulous day! 


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Lisa L said...

How do you make the smoked salmon toasts? They look delicious!



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