Friday, May 30, 2014

Going Pro

Alright, need some tech advice... who has a GoPro and loves it (or hate it)?! cCm and I want one but I want to make sure this produces good quality footage and is easy to use! At only $200, I think this would also make a really great Father's Day gift (coming up on Sunday June 15th!!). 

I really want to document my family, friends, vacations and even think I will get back into the whole YouTube thing (okk... the YouTube thing is a stretch). Let me know!! Have a fabulous day! 



Unknown said...

Hey Sydney,

I have an older go pro then the one shown in the picture. I can only speak good things about the quality of my go pro. I use mine skiing and at the beach all the time never had any problems. As for how to use it, it is very simple one button turns it on press another to record. So if you were thinking about it for a Father's Day gift definitely "dad friendly". Hope this helped


preppylove said...

I think they are great! I don't have one personally, but I went to Africa with someone who filmed a lot of our trip and it was so cool! They were able to film hands free while we were giving a domestic violence workshop, and put it on the heads of kids who would run around the playground with it... priceless footage!



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