Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I've posted about my bedside several times (remember this one from 2011?). My decor is always evolving and changing. I love to switch things up and make little tweaks here and there. I think bedside tables are one of those situations where they're fun to style, but also definitely need to have a lot of functionality. Luckily, mine has a big drawer where it hides things like nail files, advil and other eyesores that I still want to have within arm's reach. 

Check out the above widget to see similar products to my bedside! I'd love to see how you style your bedside-- if you choose to share, use the hashtag #SWBedside on Twitter or Instagram! Have a fabulous day!


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linda said...

You are just too cute! You are the best daughter ever! Love at how neat you are. Can I clone you?
-Linda, NY


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