Saturday, June 28, 2014

Instagram Lately

Bathing Suit (on sale)/ Ring 

Pajamas (on sale)/ Glasses
I love posting to Instagram. It is without a doubt my favorite social media platform. It's quick and easy but it also is the best for connecting with others. Here are some recent Instagrams if you are not a grammer... or just so you are able to know where things are from. I am usually pretty good at responding to comments/questions on Instagram, but sometimes I miss it! Hopefully this can be your guide! have a fabulous day! 



Emily said...

I had been wondering where that black and white top was from (I actually thought it might be a dress) - thanks for sharing! I love instagram as well, and you're one of my favorites to follow. I love when your posts pop up!

preppylove said...

Oh my gosh these pictures are all so cute!! I want a Saint James tee sooo bad!


Lauren said...

I love your insta pics!



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