Monday, June 23, 2014

Lifeguard Press x Kate Spade!

I'm so excited about the new Kate Spade agendas. Lifeguard Press sent me one to preview and I am really loving the format. 

Currently, I am using my Graphic Image datebook and I really love it. Truthfully, I've been struggling on how to keep my dates/appointment/events in order. I have a schedule during my workday which I keep on a one page per month calendar. I keep that calendar in my portfolio which mostly stays at work. However, my social life goes into my Graphic Image datebook. I love the luxe feel of the datebook and the small size-- but it's too small for me to lay on my desk and write! I've almost switched to my iPhone but even with that, I don't keep up with it. 

It is my hope that with this Kate Spade datebook, I will keep it at my home desk and work from there. This is a pretty large size, although they have smaller options, too! I love that it has a pocket in the front and then the monthly calendar before it gets into specific days! Like I said, it's a bit bulky, so the weight of it would not be ideal for carrying everyday in a handbag, but it would be perfect for a college student or commuter who carries a tote sized shoulder bag... this is exactly the datebook I would have used in college! 

Here's to hoping I can get my scheduling down pat during the latter half of this year-- if so, I'll owe it to Lifeguard Press x Kate Spade! How do you keep your appointments/meetings/dates/etc. as a post-grad? Have a fabulous day! 



Brittany said...

My Kate Spade planner just arrived in the mail and I can't wait til August so I can start using it.

Kate Spade Planner said...

I'm so excited about the new Kate Spade agendas. ...


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