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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Backless Dresses

If you couldn't tell from my about 10 billion instagrams, I had a blast in the Bahamas. I got a lot of comments/emails about the two dresses above.
Both are from Forever21! You can find the black one here and the hot pink dress here. Here's the best part... they're both under $20! 
Ok so, I'm not normally a Forever21 shopper, but I needed some 'fast fashion' for this past bachelorette weekend. I knew we were going to a club (literally) and so I wanted something stylish/chich/trendy while still staying true to myself; so, the night before my flight, I ran to Forever21 and found just what I was looking for. I also knew I wanted to spend as little as possible because I will most likely never wear either of these dresses again.
Do you ever shop Forever21? Have you ever been to a club (and no, this time, I do not mean a country club ;) ? This was my second time... the time before I was in the Bahamas, too-- let's just say that probably deserves its own blog post, ha! All in all, it was so much fun, and I am so glad I had these cute pieces for the trip because my back up was this J. Crew shift dress and after the experience, that would not have worked!! Have a fabulous day! 


kTm said...

I cannot believe both of those were F21! I love backless dresses - not totally practical and will only be worn once or twice but gorgeous anyways!

Pick Your Beau

Portuguese Prepster said...

love both of them, you look great! I wish I could wear backless dresses! and yes, I feel like I never have "clubbing attire" in NYC either!

Anonymous said...

Your friend is almost naked in the background of the close up of your face on the balcony! I eeek!

Joanie FLOnMyMind said...

I love both of those dresses. I haven't stepped into a Forever XXI since undergrad but I might have to check it out for some cute, cheap going out clothes!

~ Joanie

Christine said...

You look gorgeous! I'm also not the biggest Forever 21 fan but when nights out on the town with friends call for it, I'm there to pick up cute, inexpensive dresses!

RoyallyPink said...

I would've NEVER guessed that those dresses were from Forever21, they're so chic and look expensive! Forever definitely has some gems, if you could find them and these dresses are definitely two diamonds in the rust.

It looked like you had so much fun in the Bahamas!


Gabriela said...

I love F21 for occasions like this...but that being said, I am still surprised that both those dresses are from there! They look way more expensive!

linda said...

Very cute dresses and perfect price point and style for this occasion.
-Linda, NY

Anonymous said...

I love these dresses and you look absolutely stunning! You should do a workout/ diet post because you look so good!

Kathleen Walpole said...

After living in London, I had to get used to the different club types. Still never have enough to wear!!


Anonymous said...

do you wear a bra with your dresses??

cjsnow said...

HI! I'm in the exact same boat with you and I need "clubby" attire for a bachelorette party as well and I noticed these dresses on your instagram. I definitely lack in the club attire department. Anyways, I want to order the black dress online and since we have the same figure, I was wondering what size you got? You would be a lifesaver.

Agath Nele said...

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