Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Key Pouch

 You saw this on Instagram, so I'm spilling the deets of what was inside! New car, new key ring, right?

This is the outfit I wore to pick up my car! Comfortable and ultra casual. I picked up this sweatshirt just last week (on sale). It's not normally something I would grab but it is so cozy and relaxed! I also want to wear it with pixie pants (on sale, I buy a new pair each year-- now is the time while they are on sale) come fall!

I was slightly hesitant to purchase the Louis Vuitton Key Pouch, because, I admit, the price is ridiculous for a small piece of canvas. But I really wanted it to match my Speedy 30 and so the purchase was made. Really, for that price, the entire thing should be made of high quality leather, but it has been so handy when I am running out and not taking my handbag. The pouch surprisingly holds a lot. I can fit cards, cash, and I could even fit a lipgloss if I wanted. 

I have also been loving this Coach valet key ring. I valet my car often and you are not supposed to give the valet your entire key ring... instead, you clip off just the key to your car. This is a cute but also functional-- the other ones I have come across are boring and a bit manly. 

Shop the post above! Have a fabulous day! 


Portuguese Prepster said...

You look fab! I love the casual but glam look and I've been thinking of buying that key ring to match my bags as well. I just like everything to match haha!

mMc said...

Where are your shorts from? I think they are the perfect amount of distressed, a good fit and just the right color! xx

Classic Collins said...

You looked great! YAY for a new car! I used to have a jetta and I loved the switch blade key :)


Belle said...

I've been thinking about purchasing this key pouch for a little while now and this post has just sealed the deal haha!

The Life & Times of Belle

S said...

Yours looks very much like my own fob, of a Volkswagen. Those massive fobs drive me crazy. I try to keep the fob separated from the keys per se, in case your car gets hijacked. I had a Coach Valet Keyring I love, but since I carry keys on me all the time. I love my LV keys holder, that holds the house keys but I haven't figured out what to do with the fob.


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