Thursday, August 14, 2014

Shop Crystal Faye: Monogrammed Hat

Crystal of Shop Crystal Faye was so sweet to send Callie a monogrammed hat! She looks adorable in it and loved sporting it on the boat while we were at the lake. We always wear hats on the boat because the wind makes your hair fly everywhere! She is also excited to wear it at Kentucky... she often wears a hat to class or to the library when she is dressed casually. I did this a lot in college too... although, truth be told, it's probably because I needed to wash my hair... hats can be good for that too ;) What are your thoughts on baseball hats for girls? Have a fabulous day! 



Rebecca said...

Like you and your sister, I can definitely be found sporting a baseball cap in the library on those casual days...or the days when my hair is just one day overdue for a wash :)

TNK said...

I am forever wearing a hat to class! My favorite is my kelly green Polo hat. It's such a fun pop of color! (:

xoxo, Taylor
Seas the Day Blog

Dana said...

This is SUCH a cute hat, love how casual it is but the monogram makes it fancy;) And it's good for that day when you don't feel like washing your hair!

Pink Champagne Problems

Vi Nguyen said...

I think baseball caps are cute to sport with a pony or braid. I haven't worn one in awhile but I'm hoping to snag a college one with I go back to my alma mater. Or a Nantucket cap when I go in a couple weeks!


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