Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Just Google It.

I hated GenEds in college. Sociology was a bore, my religion teacher was 'out there' and business statistics... well that was just plain torture. Looking back, I am able to appreciate GenEds and understand why they are required. Being a well educated citizen is, in part, being well rounded. 

I still apply the whole GenEd thing as a post grad. I try to read all different publications, magazines, books, newspapers, etc. Twitter is an easy form to get quick headlines and links to stories and I love the Skimm that I receive to my inbox every morning. But what happens when you don't know something?

 I think maybe I am just very curious about a lot of things, but when in doubt, I Google it. When someone asks me to do something and I don't know how? Google. Need a thesaurus? Google. Translation? Google. Directions? Google. First Date? Google. Job Interview? Google. 

I think one of the most important things about being independent and 'grown up' is being able to figure things out on your own. Of course it's always OK to ask for help, but learning to do things on your own is important, too. Instead of texting your friends and asking what time the restaurant closes, Google it. Instead of asking how to format an Excel spreadsheet a certain way, Google it. Need to know where the new restaurant is where you're meeting your friends? Google. Want to know how old Harry Styles is? No? Just me ;) ... Google it. (he's 20, btw). 

If you want to know how many times 'Google' is used in this post... well, Google just may have that answer... Ok, I'll stop now... 

I took a self defense course in college (another one of those GenEd requirements) and she had us choose a random name of a random person that we didn't know and had never met. Then, we had to try to find as much information as possible about that person based on what was available on the internet. It was crazy the amount of information you could find out about a person if you really searched. Not only did it teach me to be careful about what I put on the internet, but it also taught me that Google is a valuable resource. Going on an interview? Look the person up and read everything about them so you have plenty of speaking topics. A first date? Make sure he's not a creep. Looking for someone's contact? Just click search. 

Funny story: I'm semi in love with Ansel Elgort (he played Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars). Anyway, in #TFIOS, he doesn't have a leg... so Callie (aka cCm, my sister) told me that he didn't have a leg in real life. So for a while, I was telling people how cool I thought it was that Ansel went through the same thing as his character.. meanwhile, I wanted to read the story about it online... long story short, I took to Google and he has both of his legs. Thanks, Callie... #embarrassing.

We have so much technology available, and simply searching makes it possible to learn and teach yourself about anything and everything. Are you a Google-er? Have a fabulous day! 



Whitney Damrau said...

It's funny how Google has become a verb instead of a the name of a search engine. Like the Kleenex of the internet. It's amazing what you can find out with just one click. It also makes you very cautious of what you put out there.

Whitney & Blaire

Peaches In A Pod

Gabriela said...

Love this! It's one of my pet peeves when people ask a question they could easily find the answer to. Um, hello, it would take less time to look it up yourself than to text the question! And I agree that it's super important to realize how easy the internet makes it to find out personal info. Like most young women, my girlfriends and I have mastered the social media/Google creep, and it's crazy how easy it is to piece together someone's life story if you really want to. Never put stuff out there that's incriminating or dangerous!

dee said...

:) trust google, not your sister! but i do agree with everything you said.

The other day i was home alone and i wanted to do something for dinner i had never tried. So, i called grandma (grandmas know everything, right?) but she was tooo busy talking to one of her friends on the phone (and that phone call could last forever). Second option - google. Easy Peasy! :)


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