Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Randoms of the Week

I'm always getting questions about my hair. After posting this photo on instagram, I got an influx of questions. It's super easy!! I made a video this summer that shows exactly how I do it! 
Speaking of videos, have you watched Taylor Swift's latest music video?  I think it might be the most epic thing ever. Whoever was in charge of costuming, styling and set design, you win. 
Just this passed Sunday, I tried out Urban Tap for brunch. It's relatively new and it is now one of my new favorite places. The food was excellent (above was my meal which was avocado and eggs) and the atmosphere is very cool. We went to watch the Steelers game and it was packed, but wasn't insane. I also like to judge places on their coffee and mimosas. Their coffee was strong, just like I like it and their mimosas had a great oj to champs ratio. A+, Urban Tap. 
12 Lessons about Valentino
He doesn't eat red meat and one time, ElizabethTaylor got the whole dinner party looking for her lost earring... on the floor. Hahaha. 
Dear Neimans, I'll take all of this, please and thank you. 

 I have been wearing this vest on repeat. I can't get enough plaid...ever. Have a fabulous day! 



Mikayla said...

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! I will be checking out that video soon!


Anonymous said...

That Blank Space music video was shot across the street from where I work, Oheka Castle! :) and your hair is gorgeous!!

Katelyn said...

I've been obsessed with your hair ever since I stumbled upon your Instagram! Your hair is beautiful! And the Taylor Swift music video...can I move into that gorgeous estate?! And the song is so catchy!

Xo! Katelyn // asprinkleofkate.blogspot.com

Devon said...

Ok get out of here, your hair video could not be cuter! My hair is very similar to yours and you actually do it the exact same way. I was secretly hoping you'd have some trick that would cut my styling time in half, but alas! ��

Lauren said...

That breakfast looks delicious! I am going to try to recreate that!


Anne Cohen said...

Such cute pictures and I love your hair!

Kerrie Mitchell said...

That brunch looks incredible! I'm avocado obsessed!



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