Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015 Oscars: Strike a Smile

When Crest Whitestrips reached out and asked me to share how I get 'red carpet ready' for important moments, I thought it'd be a fun prompt to share.  They're doing a Twitter chat on the topic, too, using the hashtag #StrikeASmile. 
Tonight are the Oscars, and while I'm not too up-to-date on my who's-who in Hollywood, I always love to watch the E! Live from the Red Carpet segment to see all of the gorgeous gowns. Although I'll probably never go to the Oscars, we all have important events throughout the year that we spend a little more time getting ready for than others. 
For me, at my stage in life, my important events have become weddings. Luckily with weddings, I know well in advance so it gives me plenty of time to find a new dress, get highlights, a manicure, etc. 
Part of my 'getting ready' routine includes Crest Whitestrips. You can read all about my two week challenge, here and here. If you have a special event coming up, try out the 3D Whitestrips and you will not be disappointed! Crest sent me a box of their whitestrips and since I just whitened my teeth in late October, my mom is going to take the challenge. She's super excited! Thanks to Crest for the strips! Are you watching the Oscars and have you tried Crest 3D White Supreme Flexfit Whitestrips? Have a fabulous day! 

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Farrah said...

I've been using some from Smilox, but I have a coupon for Crest, so I may try that next.


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