Thursday, February 5, 2015

HHI Sonesta Resort: Final Recap

Alright, today's the last day of my Sonesta Hilton Head recap! Check out Sarah's video recap that she posted with Krista. 
Also be sure to check out my friends and their recaps: Sarah, Krista, Danielle and Katie
Our private chef's dinner was on the last night that I was there. Incredible is not even a strong enough word to describe the meal by Chef Nelly. It was 6 courses of so many different things. From duck to quail eggs to homemade pasta, there was something for everyone's palate. Not only was the food tasty, but the presentation rocked my socks off. 
I used to work in event planning, so I've had my fair share of tastings and have always paid close attention to the way food is presented and this dinner was top notch. I was actually shocked by how simple pasta is to make-- we got to to try our hands in making some at the beginning of the dinner! 
Another amazing part of the dinner is that we got to meet a lot of different Hilton Head people who told us more about he resort and the Island... and of course the wine pairings and signature cocktails were wonderful, too! 
Post-dinner, we headed to a new bar called Poseidon. It was so much fun to dance the night away with the girls. We worked up quite the appetite... and to think we had just eating a six course meal only a few hours ago. So we had our cab driver take us to this adorable diner. I had a massive burger and fries and all the ranch dressing. Such a fun and hilarious way to end the night.

Sunday was spent sleeping in, more eating in the gorgeous sunlit patio area and then we headed to the beach to bike. I had to catch my flight in the late afternoon and couldn't believe my flight was almost cancelled due to Juno! It was amazing I got out of there and crazy to me how gorgeous it was in Hilton Head and as soon as I landed in pittsburgh, I had to dig my car out of the snow! 

I'm so thankful for the amazing trip, no only was the experience so much fun, but the girls were truly the best and so nice! It's so great to have so many new and old friends-- I feel lucky to have them. Have a fabulous day! 


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Erin said...

I love fries dipped in ranch dressing! The BEST!

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