Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Perfect Spring Flat: Vara

I'm really hoping spring still exists... because this weather has practically sucked out all of my warm weather hopes. If warm weather should ever arrive.. or even anything above 30 (beggars can't be choosers, right?), then I will jump for joy because I can ditch boots and socks and go for cute flats and pumps once again. 

I'm a big believer in investing in well made, classic pairs of shoes. When it comes to shoes, I'm definitely a quality over quantity person. For spring, I ordered the Ferragamo Vara's. I have a few pair of the varinas, but thought I'd go for the cute 1 1/2" heel. Plus the nude color I got them in will go with everything! They're definitely an investment, but I wear my varinas almost 24/7 and they are a timeless, preppy classic that never truly goes out of style. What is your go-to flat for spring? Have a fabulous day! 



Erin said...

I love these shoes! I just don't love the price!

Her Heartland Soul

Ashley said...

I wish I would have snapped those two toned Varas up when they were on sale at Saks!! I love the color combinations, though I am afraid of scratching the patent leather or getting marks on them. How have yours fared?

Laura Mitbrodt said...

I love those shoes

Gramspearls said...

I bought the Vara,s in nude last year and LOVE them!!!!! You can wear them with so many things, casual or dressy, because there is a heel, yet it is small. Great choice.

Warmly, Kathleen

Kaitlyn said...

I found a vintage pair back in August and they were sitting in my closet since because I never knew what to wear them with! You'll have to do an outfit post once you get them!

Lauren said...

Love those!



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