Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Travel Outfit, What to Pack in Your Carry On and Luggage

I love to travel. I would sooner purchase a plane ticket than the 'it' handbag any day! I'm excited to have some downtime, but excited for my trips to Lexington (for Keenland!!!!), Dallas and Raleigh in April/early May! While I love going to new places and having new experiences and making new friends, traveling as a verb can be exhausting or a hassle.

Unfortunately, Pittsburgh's airport is not the best and direct flights are hard to come by. Usually, I am stuck with connections and layovers; even going on the simplest of flights. When I was going home from Orlando, Delta had me flying from Orlando to Detroit and then Detroit to Pittsburgh (doesn't make too much sense, right?).

I've been traveling a lot lately (Sonesta Hilton Head Resort and Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas most recently!) and figured I would share some of my tips and tricks. I used to dress up for flights, but usually that doesn't happen anymore. I wear a variation of the above outfit and stow a dressier outfit in my tote for when I land. 

You can see everything here that I would throw into my usual carry on. I used to only carry my iPad, but now choose my MacBook over my iPad because I can be more productive rather than just watching Netflix. My friends sometimes joke that I'm always the 'mom' in the group because I also always have random pouches filled with:
  • hair ties/bobby pins/
  • bobby pins
  • chapstick/lipgloss
  • first aid stuff like bandaids/small sewing kit 
  • Small lint roller
  • Makeup wipes/lysol wipes/shout wipes
  • gum/mints/listerine strips 
  • KIND Bar 
  • Travel brush
  • Ear buds
  • Lotion
  • Glasses 
  • Thank you notes/pen
  • Advil/benadryl/etc. 
I actually carry the pouches daily in my tote. I also always carry on my jewelry (because if my luggage got lost and my jewelry was with it, I'd be super sad) and my makeup for touch ups when I land and usually either sandals if I'm going somewhere warm or dressier shoes for my change of clothes. 

I usually check a bag, which is super annoying, but I'm really bad at packing in a carry on. I usually only do a carry on if it's just a weekend. I got the entire suitcase set in the above collage. It has been an absolute lifesaver! I truly don't know how I traveled with luggage with wheels that didn't spin in all directions. It sounds like a silly, minute detail, but the spinner style wheels make ALL the difference. 

These travel pouches are also great. My friend Krista's sister Kim told me about these and I had to order them for myself. It compartmentalizes your luggage so it doesn't flop around and get wrinkly but also is a great way to condense things to conserve space! And the laundry bags are also a necessity. I have tons of bags like this for shoes and also for dirty laundry/wet bathing suits. 
What are your travel necessities and lifesavers? Have a fabulous day! 


Cynthia Hoyt said...

I Love those luggages! I've been looking for smart looking luggage for a while and those fit the bill!

Travel necessities: snacks, a book and headphones! I've made the mistake of not packing a book and it was the longest hour and a half flight of my life! You never realize how boring your phone is until you can't turn on wifi lol.


Erin Fairchild said...

I always pack a toothbrush just in case my luggage gets lost. I always need a toothbrush! haha

Her Heartland Soul

Sarah said...

I absolutely have to use packing cubes to keep my suitcase organized! I also generally wear a fancy/comfy outfit - something that looks chic and like I put a lot of effort in, but is actually super comfy. I have some dress pants that look like chic skinny trousers, but when I'm wearing them I feel like I am wearing yoga leggings. Then I go with the layered slouchy look, topped off with a scarf for warmth and outfit interest. I'm comfy but I almost always get compliments on my outfit too. Finally, I am just like you in packing my carry-on, I try to think of everything I might possibly need during my travels as well as if my baggage weren't there for me when I landed (it's happened before - ugh!).

Sweet Spontaneity

P.S. Flights from home for me (Saskatoon, SK) are totally annoying too... I rarely get direct flights and quite often the connecting flights have my flying over my province and then back again just to get somewhere or home. It sucks and adds many hours on to my travel! I usually opt to pay a little more for a routing that makes more sense to me and takes a little less time, but sometimes I just suck it up and plan to get a bunch of work done while waiting.

Portuguese Prepster said...

I used to dress up more for flights but now I'm all about something comfortable too!

Melissa McCormick said...

These are such great travel suggestions! I may have to order the organizer pouches for my luggage!.


Ashley Wissel said...

I feel like even the most casual outfits (like the one you posted) are way more "dressy" than half of the people who fly nowadays. I cannot stand when I look around the airport and see patrons in sweats, pajama pants, or just looking trashy all together.

On a lighter note, these are great tips! I travel quite a lot as well, and am always looking for shortcuts, or items that can be used for multiple things to save room in my suitcase!

Vera said...

I love the headphones! I need to get a pair asap!


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